Memorial Day in the mountains!

Hello gentle readers!  I was in Topton, North Carolina for my long weekend.  It was full of friends, food, adventure and coloring books.  I could not have asked for a better time!  I cannot thank my friend Laura's parents enough for letting us stay at their beautiful home! And Laura is the best for organizing such a fun trip!  What a way to spend my birthday!  Beware, this is a photo heavy recap post!

All the lawyers got there first!

This is the Appalachian trail.  I can now say I hiked a portion!

This was like something out of the Blair Witch Project!
They don't call them the smoky mountains for nothing!
Once the other half of our crew got there we grilled some fajitas, my fave!
We spotted our pal's new product in the pantry!
Dry Falls was so pretty!
All the ladies!  Adrienn, Laura, me, Susana, Melissa and Kristen.
And adding in the husbands that came!
Just so beautiful!
Then we went on a hike!
Fanny packs for our contraband!
The views were spectacular!
And they kept getting better!
Had a yummy Abita Strawberry at the top.  This was probably against the rules...oh well. It was my birthday! And at least I recycled!
We had to do mountain pose on the mountain.  Susana thought we were doing tree!
I love the clouds.
Our lovely husbands of the group. 
Then we went for cocktails and lunch at the Old Edwards Inn. This cocktail was so good, it was a Zombie fish.  It had house made pineapple fennel soda and Swedish fish, mmm

We had a lovely table outside.  The weather was amazing!
The whole town was decorated!
I love little towns like that!
We came home and had burgers and Caesar salads, odd combo but I loved it!
Old fashioneds and cake led to games by the campfire.  It was hysterical.
The next day I took my birthday hangover to the Nantahala Outdoor Center for ziplining.  I was so nervous.  And was not feeling good.
This shared spread and one of my favorite beers cured that hangover right away!
Just beautiful!
All geared up for ziplining!
We zipped through the forest!
The views were incredible!
It was one of the best activities I have ever done.  I cannot wait to do it again.
After going a half mile over a gorge at 55 mph, I was ready for one of these!
We ended the trip with s'mores.  It was the perfect night cap!
Seriously though. Ziplining was amazing! I may have been spoiled doing it for the first time there, but I cannot wait to do it again!  I can't believe I did not get a pic of the coloring party we had.  Adult coloring books are really amazing.  Being in the mountains away from cell service and getting to relax and try new things is the best!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend and remembered how lucky we are to be Americans to enjoy this beautiful country thanks to the dedicated service of those that sacrificed for us.  Back to the food and grind after this, it is so hard to get back!



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