Ladies and Bourbon and Books (Bourbon tea boozy punch)

To keep up the theme of book club recipes this week, this is yet another post without a pic of the finished product.  But I can tell you the finished product was a hit and I reused it by freezing it and turning it into a slush!

The book was a Southern one and also had a spiked punch in the first chapter.  I had to make one. This one from Garden and Gun screamed make me!  Bourbon and ladies don't always go together but in the south they do!  

This is really yummy but so dangerous!  Most people did not have more than one glass and switched to wine.  I think leaving out the cognac next time would be a good touch to cut the alcohol down and make it a punch that can last the whole day.  The slush version was a yummy drink to have on the way to a road trip wedding the next weekend.  We were all happy campers! Just stir it well and make sure to have some food!  Full recipe after the montage!

Slush and a hired driver for the win!

The cast.  I wish I had fresh grated nutmeg but couldn't find it.
This isn't true sun tea but I thought it could use some time in the window.

Super yummy in slush form!

I became frazzled setting up for book club and that is the end of the pictures.  Suffice it to say the punch led to a livelier discussion!  What is your favorite party punch?  Do you have a book club, do you drink at it?  Have a theme?  
Mississippi Punch (But I call it Louisiana Lady Punch!) Borrowed from Garden and Gun

1½ cups raw sugar
1 quart black tea
1 quart bourbon
2 cups dark rum
2 cups cognac
1½ cups fresh lemon juice
1½ quarts water
Dissolve the sugar in the tea, then combine all ingredients in a large punch bowl, add a large block of ice, and allow to chill. Grate nutmeg over top, and serve in small punch cups.
Happy Cooking!

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