Recapping the weekend Soggy Jazzfest!

Hello readers!  Wonky wifi is causing a late post today, I lost it overnight and had to quickly redo it.  Linking up with Biana  for weekending!

Thursday was a soggy day at the Jazzfest...

It felt like Gumbo weather so I got my fest favorite quail, pheasant and andouille gumbo!
The coworkers and I had a blast, probably because...
We got backstage passes to see...
Flo-rida!  He was amazing and so fun!
Friday was much better weather.  The Mardi Gras Indians were as beautiful as ever.
Sweet potato chips are the bomb!
We met up at our friend Kim's great set up at the Acura stage.  She made koozies to match her easy to find flag!
Something was wrong with my lens.  Soft shell crab po boy
Pepperoni and sausage stuffed bread.
Jim James!  My Morning Jacket was so great.  And they covered Purple Rain like champs.
Met up with some Zurich Classic attendees  at Oak and Ale for some post event grub and beers/wine.  I love these two places, they have a shared courtyard and you can go between so there is something for everyone!
Saturday I went to see my nice and nephew perform at the school fair.  It was a washout and they moved it to the gym.  Chaos ensued after the performance.  It was bored kids with too much energy everywhere.  Luckily there was alcohol!
Went for some yummy Tex Mex after at El Paso.  It is new and really yummy!
Sunday I ran some morning errands and make a makeshift taco salad with leftover crockpot brisket.  That recipe is to come.  So delicious.

Sunday fun day at Bayou Wine garden!
And then a trip to Delachaise for more wine...and those damn fries. Fry me anything in duck fat!
I needed veggies for Game of  Thrones so I made a Brussels Sprouts, artichoke heart and banana pepper pizza on a corn tortilla.  Yum!

I need a week full of Pure Barre and smoothies to make up for this weekend of drinking and food! How was your weekend?  Get into anything good?

Happy Cooking!  


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