Five for Friday A sneak peak at St. Patrick's Day!

Hello my gentle readers, Happy Friday! It was a long week and I am ready for Friday!  I was lucky enough to to watch two episodes of This is Us this week, cannot wait for the finale next week! Are you watching? Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.  Here we go!


Speaking of Amanda...These shoes y'all!  She has had them on heavy repeat and I was drooling over them.  They were out out of my price point and I kept dreaming of them.  Then somehow I stumbled across them on mega sale from Nordstrom!  They are no longer on sale, sorry, but keep checking!  I will be wearing them on heavy repeat this spring for sure!  Thank you for stocking my closet yet again, Amanda!

Also used my new tripod for this one!!


This weekend I get to got to the Uptown St. Patrick's Day parade for the first time in a long time. Which brings us to storytime.  The scene, Uptown St. Patrick's Day parade.  The year, 2008.  I was standing near the Balcony Bar, as any 28 year old would do (where has the time gone?).  A float went by, and I called for a throw...and got whacked in the head with a cabbage.  I fainted, fell down, came to and said, "I'm fine, where's my beer?"  Little did I know, I was bleeding profusely.  I was with a doctor, who smartly refused to sew me up while drunk.  I got butterfly bandages and went on my merry way...with a concussion.  I still have the scar to prove it!

Ah thank you Facebook for this memory!  I wish my arms were still 28, lol.

The reason I have skipped the past few years is because it is usually the Delta Gamma Founders Day Luncheon.  Luckily it is on Sunday this year!  I cannot wait to attend and give my first speech as President! It has been a good year, which made me so happy to see DG in this article in Town and Country on the most "Prestigious" Sororities in America (quotes are mine). We were named as the most Philanthropic Sorority which makes my heart smile!  This was highlighted at convention last summer and it is so true, we always strive to Do Good!  Were you in a sorority?  Are you on that list?


I am obsessed with Podcasts again.  I loved Serial, which originally turned me onto them.  Now I am obsessed again! Just wanted to share two of my current faves:

-Ciquizza: Chris Cillizza writes The Fix for the Washington Post and he has been one of my faves for years.  His podcast is super nerdy but right up my alley.  It is making me enjoy news and politics again.  If you like Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me, Jeopardy, 90's pop culture, politics for the nerd factor, History or Twitter, this is for you!

-The Art of Charm: Please excuse the douchy hairdos.  This is directed at dudes, but I am obsessed with it.  So many life skills, interesting tops and things to expand your mind, what is not to love? Last night when I was cooking dinner one came on about a Navy Seal who wrote a book about survival skills.  Not my topic at all.  Five seconds in, I was hooked.  So much good stuff!  What are your favorite podcasts?


How you doin?

Speaking of dinner last night, I made my Buffalo Chicken Burgers again.  These are so good!  I made four and put the other three in the freezer for next time.  And I made my one into sliders, so fun!  You must try them if you have not, I am obsessed!

Well that is what I have, what do you have?  Big plans this weekend, or are you laying low?  Lemme know!  See you back Monday with a recap of mine, please enjoy yours!

Happy Cooking!


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