Five for Friday-Too Hot

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!  Anyone in the south sick of summer yet too?  It was in the 90's all week, no thank you!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday favorites, here we go!


I don't usually share fashion and whatnot, but this dress is great! It's so light and bright for the summer and  really flattering.  I got it recently when Target was having dresses buy one get one 50% off  I wore it for date night this week and got a lot of compliments. And the tie kind of strategically hides a problem area.  Target does it again! 


This story is amazing!  We sometimes only think in politics that women are not making enough strides, but professional sports is not one that comes to mind easily.  I am rooting for this woman for sure!


Are you a procrastinator?  Have you baked just for the heck of it?  Then you, like me, may be a procrastibaker!  The term just makes me giggle!


This Yanni/Laurel thing is crazy.  Hearkens back to the blue or white dress days of yore!  I saved this screen shot of a text with my Dad from those days, it is so funny how we all see and hear what we want! (I blocked out his name since he is not listed as "Dad" in my phone)

I lol every time!


I have a weekend full of no plans so I plan on relaxing at home.  Since that sounds like something boring to recap, I will just see you back here Tuesday with food.  I need to rest up as I have plans every night next week ramping up until my birthday on Memorial Day.  How nice of them to give me a day off to turn 39!  How did that happen?   Wasn't I just 27 last week?  

What are your weekend plans? Hope whatever it is, you enjoy!

Happy Cooking!


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