Friday Favorites-MIA

Hello!  I took a week off from blogging and reading blogs and am so glad to be back.  Work and life have been crazy and the blog and pure barre have to suffer when that happens.  I have eaten lunch at my desk every day this week, had something every night and well, I am just spent!

Ever had one of those weeks where the days were super long and so was the week, even though you were busy?  It is  a weird feeling!

I have to just keep going, because I am heading to Baton Rouge after work for the LSU Florida game!  The tailgating should be epic, it will be in the low 70's all day and it is a night game.  I will be showing off all the homecoming festivities on my stories!

Well this opinion article just is amazing.  I like that we should encourage men to aspire to common traits for a woman (compassion, apologizing) because then they won''t get looked down upon.  My favorite take from it:

Rest in peace to this great chef.  He was a true fighter.  I went to a fundraiser for his family last weekend that raised $5,000.  He had a great career and I am so glad I got to eat his food.

Well I hope everyone gets the fall weather we have been promised this weekend!  I am going to try to at least be better about reading blogs next week.  I have some great recipes in the wheelhouse I can't wait to show you but have no time to draft.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Cooking!


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