Recapping the Weekend- Cousin Fun!

Hey y'all!  Hard to get back to reality when you have a totally fun weekend with cousins and old friends in town!  My cousin Meghan, who recently got married, came in town to see Kasey Musgraves with my sisters and I, and our old family friends came in for the Saints game.  It was a fun weekend!

We had to wear our best for Kasey!
I got home from work Friday to get ready for the concert and had an Amazon package.  I looked at it closely and realized it was just a repurposed box and was addressed to a fake name at my address.  I texted a trusted source for advice and they said to just open it.  My address is a long one and not one you write out by mistake and I googled the name and it was clearly fake, plus I own this house and got a tenant history when I bought it and the name wasn't on it.  It was sent from a UPS store in Utah. I held my breath and opened it. 

It was popcorn and two break up mix CD's.  The dates on them didn't coordinate with the dates of my last two relationships so I am seriously wondering how this "come back to me" prize box ended up at my house!  I am sorry to whomever you are if I messed up your rekindling effort!

After that, I met the group at Johnny Sanchez for dinner and then we headed to see Kasey.  Man she was good! I was not a huge fan of her before but now I am sold!

On Saturday, we headed over to my parents' house for a pool day.  It was such a good day for it!  Still hot, but they live on the water so it was a bit cooler.

How cute is Ruby with Bitsy!?  Bitsy was happy to have a day of slight freedom since she is still in kennel rest.
I made dinner for the crowd with my Daddy.  He got a nice bottle of wine at work and decided to share it with the group!

Good wine, family and local veggies, who could ask for more?
On Sunday, the cousins had brunch at Cavan.  It was lovely and so fun to play on Magazine Street after to get my Ohio cousin her LSU and Saints t-shirt fix!

I thoroughly enjoyed by breakfast cobb salad!

How cute are the mini vases!
After, we went home to change and get ready for the Sunday night Saints game.  We went and "tailgated" at the great Borgne.  The Superdome is smack in the middle of downtown so you mostly hang in restaurants.

Love this group so much! 
I ran into my best friend and her kids in from Alabama too!  What a day!

 The Saints won in a bit of a nail-biter and just like that, it was back to the grind.  It was such a fun weekend but too short.  When you don't get to see the people you love often, it makes the time short and sweet!

How was your weekend? 

Happy Cooking!


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