Mardi Gras Recap!

Whew!  Mardi Gras was a blast! I cannot believe I am at work today! If you have never been, you really need to do it.  It's not just about the Quarter and flashing for beads.  There is so much to it and you can try and do it all like I did.  If you ever need any advice on anything New Orleans, please let me know.  I love showing off my city no matter what time of year!

The count:  Parades attended Wednesday through Tuesday-16, Concerts seen-3, bike mishaps-1, drinks drank-countless, cigarettes smoked-0, trips to the quarter-2, parking tickets-0, confederate monument themed floats seen-countless, Nyx purses caught-2, Muses shoes caught-1, toilet brushes caught-1, plungers caught-1, bead to head injuries-1, pure barre classes taken-4.

I sometimes think I am too old for this but with careful planning, lots of water and training my liver year round, I hope to be able to still do this into my forties eighties!  I tried to document as best I could, but drinking, not wanting to break my phone and taking it all in sometimes got in the way! But here it is, Mardi Gras 2016!

I did not get any pics of Wednesday.  We were at a coworker's house for Popeyes, King Cake and parades.  Here is a pic from Thursday at another coworkers house for the same but with daiquiris.  The ladies of Nyx and Muses were phenomenal as usual. 
Friday we had a ladies lunch in the Quarter at Tableau.  Full post on that soon!
Came out to the usual protesters and crowd.  

Friday night went to our friends who have a balcony on St. Charles Avenue for one of my faves, Krewe d'etat.  They are satirical and hysterical.  I also drank gin with La Croix which is my new favorite!  After this I somehow got roped into going to see Rebirth Brass band at Howlin Wolf. They didn't come on until 1:15 am.  It was a long, fun night. 
Saturday morning we had a lovely book club brunch with a beautiful spread.
We then walked down to the route to see our friends in Iris and Tucks.  We met these dapperly dressed gentlemen.
The sky writers were back at it again.  They did this at Jazz Fest and it was amazing!
I decided to walk down to Superior Seafood and get a frozen French 75.  Bad decision before having to rush home on my bike and get ready for a ball.  I lost my debit card on the ride home!
Time for the Extravaganza!  My dad rides in this parade so we always go.  It is a shit show for lack of a better word.  The Parade rides through the Superdome and everyone is drunk and gets pelted with beads while wearing formal attire.
The Superdome was lit up for the occasion.
They really go all out. There's a concert after every year.  The last two years it was country which is not fun.  This year it was two acts, Stephen Tyler followed by Pitbull.  So damn fun!
One of the best bands ever!  All the bands come in one at a time and then all the floats. My dance team was in Bacchus when I was in high school and they do something similar. It was so amazing to walk into that!
All the girls with most of our throws.  We got home at 4 am because Pitbull was running late.  We had a sleepover at my sister's after.
Then somehow I got up the next morning to go to my old house for Thoth Sunday! When I lived there they did not line up on my street so I didn't have band practice on my front lawn.
We were all smart.  On this day the entire uptown area is covered in parades.  
Bikes are the only way to get around!
The very blurry spread.
We biked and walked down to Tchoup 45 for the battle of the bands.  I love this.
It was a lot tamer this year and all baracaded up because there was a shooting last year.  
My old high school team! Gosh they look so young.  I guess because I am, gasp, double their age!
Bacchus was lovely as usual.  Didn't catch all of it, I was exhausted.  My friends and I biked back home.  I made it all the way until 3 blocks from my house when the drinking, bad streets and exhaustion kicked in and I fell off my bike.  I had a sore bum the next day!
I took Monday off of work and partying for some must needed Pure Barre, rest, blogging and laundry.  Also to prep for the big finale day!

Fat Tuesday we saw Rex at the start and had brunch at my new pals the Merryman's at the beginning of the route. Such a great new tradition! My girl Mel B and I both shopped in our grandma's closets.  My dress and fur were retro from grandma as was her sweatshirt!

REX!  I caught almost all the beads, two pillows and no cups.
Each float has their own bead, cup and randomly, pillow.
My friend Jen and I dressed as Joan and Melissa Rivers.  We ubered to the Quarter and accidentally caught Zulu.  I was my first time.  Yes I am from here.  How does that happen?!
I also ran into my parents.  Here is me and my twinsie momma!
My favorite emojie's!
More protesters and a funny photobomber.  Also protesters, please leave my City alone!
Joan and I's red carpet was a hit! "Who are you wearing?"
I deserve this!
Joan and Melissa ready to bounce!
After a $100 uber ride?!?!  We headed to our usual haunt for drunk food.
It was a sprint, a marathon, and a blast!  I cannot wait for it again!  We have two months off before music festivals again and I am ready for the break! Short but hectic week of work ahead.  Happy Monday to me and Wednesday to y'all!

Happy Cooking!


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