The Ladies of Misrule have a boozy lunch at Tableau New Orleans

Not much happened this past weekend as I was still in Mardi Gras recovery mode and I don't have a mushy Valentine's story to recap so instead you will get a recap of my fabulous Mardi Gras lunch two Fridays ago. My fabulous friend Courtney always is a great organizer of events and this one was no exception. You may recall she organized a Jingle Bell lunch over Christmas as well.  It had fabulous head pieces as well.

We Ladies of Misrule got together at Tableau for a very late lunch.  It was a smattering of Delta Gammas and friends of them.  I brought my friend Jen who was experiencing her first Mardi Gras.  I thought she would love to have a fancy day in the French Quarter and I was not wrong!  I met some new friends as well.  And the food was delightful.  It was so nice to see so many people in festive dress and moods!

A Sazerac and our cute headgear while waiting for the table.
The Delta Gammas clockwise from bottom left: Me, Elisabeth, Brooke, Becca (who we ran into randomly!), Kristin, Courtney, Jenny and my friend Jen.  We made her an honorary DG for the pic!
The Triple threat appetizer, left to right: Shrimp Remolaude,
 Truffled Crab Fingers and Crabmeat Ravigote
Obligatory Turtle Soup
The Eat Fit Entree of Asparagus and Seafood Salad ordered by our fittest attendee, Raven.
I got the Eggs Hussarde.  Very yummy. #runnyyolksforpresident
Shrimp and Grits
The Fish of the day, which was Drum.  
Chicken Tableau
Courtney just got a burger.  She cracks me up.
Jen and I split the Cafe Au Lait Pot de Creme.  I mean, so good.
Jenny got the Tart a la Bouille.  It was fantastic.
Some ladies down the way got Praline Monkey Bread Pudding.  
We had such a great time!  I can't wait until next year!
Sorry this is just pic intensive with no descriptions, it wasn't like a regular restaurant visit where I usually do some family style eating.  I truly made one of the best decisions ever going Delta Gamma, it has been an important part of my life ever since.  It helped me be more social when single, helped me make friends in Austin, helped me through breakups and truly has made me some friends for life!  Were you in a sorority or other organization that has made a great impact on you?

Happy Cooking!


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