Recapping the weekend, the last of February!

Hello Everyone!  What a great weekend I had, hope you did too!  Lots of friends, family, good food and good times!  Friday I went with some of my lovely Delta Gamma friends for "Whine Night"  We had a blast and checked out two fun bars.

It was so dark, loud and hipsterish here we had to change venues!
Saturday I got to watch my niece play soccer.  It was hilarious, five year olds are so ADD.
Went to one of my faves, Taqueria Corona after with my parents.  Mmmm cebollitas!
The nieces (minus one) I could just eat them for dessert they are so sweet!
Hopped on over to Hollygrove Market and Farm after for some produce! I got the box.
Sweet potato, bok choy, cilantro, creole tomatoes, strawberries, shiitake mushrooms, lettuce, mustard greens more sweet potatoes, green onions and green garlic.  
I am making with it:
1. Cilantro citrus pork tenderloin (already in my freezer!) with spicy bok choy
2. Leftover pork and mustard greens
3. Roasted mushrooms and green garlic with duck breast (fancy on the road post!)
4. A Greek salad for lunch
5. I'll put the strawberries in my smoothie
6. Save the sweet potatoes for later.

It's like being on Chopped!  Pretty good haul of local organic produce for only $25 if I do say so myself! I love the place and it was so good to go back for the first time since the summer!

Saturday night was a fancy dinner party at my pal Monica's in my old hood.  She did it up! Also there were bourbon praline pecans in the salad.  I am now in love with a pecan.  We ran out of wine and forgot about drizly so we resorted to some grappa she had.  Thank you Uber for allowing such fun nights! 

Such a beautiful table!
Cannot go wrong with meatballs and eggplant parmesan!  Yes, Monica is Italian ;)
Sunday was quite hectic.  Housewarming party, patio wine time with some of my favorite girls, and a Delta Gamma alum meeting.  I am slated to be the next New Orleans Alumnae Chapter President!  It is going to be a lot more responsibility with so much already on my plate, but I am excited!

Topped it off at a wonderful Oscars party!  We had lots of yummy snacks, including all the fun candy you find at the movies.  Who knew Mad Max would win so much?!  And that Joe Biden would make an appearance! This is the first year I hadn't seen any of the movies. I used to make sure I watched all that were available to be viewed in the theater and I definitely want to go watch some now.  Did you watch any of them or all of them?

Champagne, popcorn and an oscar ballot.  How it is done!

Hope all my peeps had a great time this weekend.  Spring is here!  The weather was fabulous, I hope it stays. This week on the blog there will be some fancy feasts I can't wait to share!  

Happy Cooking!


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