Weekend Recap, a trip to Alabama!

Hello!  Welcome to the week.  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  I went to Fairhope, Alabama this weekend to visit my oldest friend Toni. Well, oldest besides my middle sister of course, as we are only 20 months apart. Toni has been my friend for so long and we know so much about each other; she is like a sister to me and vice versa.  We were so lucky that her hubby let us get away from him and the kids and we got, for the most part, a fun just me and her weekend!

I had minimal traffic and actually went 35 mph in the infamous tunnel in Mobile, so I knew this weekend would be good!  I got to the house, kissed and hugged all the lego obsessed children and changed so momma and I could head out on the town!

Selfie at the wine bar.  Oregon Pinot Noir is awesome!
Had a little cheese with our wine.  The Gouda was the best as usual!
After we went for dinner at Dragonfly and ran into her middle daughter's teacher.  She was a hoot! We had some fancy fusion tacos.  Chicken fried steak and basil aioli on a homemade tortilla? Yes please! Despite my long day at work and a 3 hour drive after and her long day of kids, we decided a nightcap was in order. We went to a cool place called Tongue and Groove.  They made us some smashing bourbon drinks and had a killer music playlist.
Our first old fashioned was too sweet.  We got the hipster guy to make us one that was less sweet.  
And then after a failure of a too smokey house smoked bourbon, I got a fabulous Sazerac, my new winter bestie of a drink made by the fabulous hipster bartender.
Found some deer on the way home, this city girl had to snap a pic!
Saturday we took the girls for haircuts.  They looked so pretty after! (and before too, of course!)
We met Daddy and little man for some out on the water lunch on a GORGEOUS day!
Annabel and Toni are twinsies just like me and my mama!
I could get used to living like this!
I got a burger with a fried green tomato on top. So delish!

They all play so well together!

Then Toni and went shopping in Downtown Fairhope.  The consignment and antique stores were so fabulous! Everyone knew Toni and asked about the kids.  And the two of us haven't shopped just the two of us since the days of Contempo Casuals!  Just what the doctor ordered.
We put this on hold, so cute!
I could not pass up this tiger bracelet!
After spending a little too much money, we went to Publix and got some supplies for dinner.  It was a beautiful night and it called for grilling out!

Daddy pitched the tent for the kids to play!
Josie and I both had similar Volatiles on!
Josie, Annabel and Davis decided to put on a dance party for us!
Their uncle gave them s'more and hot dog cooking fishing poles!  They worked so well!
The kids had hot dogs and s'mores and then went to bed.  Mommy, Daddy and I had delightfully marinated skirt steak (recipe to come), grilled veggies and too much IPA, wine and bourbon after. And we made our own "adult s'mores" with dark chocolate.  Good idea! So delish.

Just fishin' for a s'more. I forgot how delicious and fun they were!
This didn't do it justice, but so good I had more!
Ah it was so fun and relaxing.  I missed my pup but I was lucky to have someone sweet looking after her.  I came back just in time for book club.  That was a glitter party of a shit show and deserves its own post.

Hope you had a great weekend.  And I hope you all have old friends you still keep up with like I do. It is the best having special people in your life, but especially the ones that have known you for so long!

Happy Cooking!


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