Chopped breakfast challenge! (clean out the fridge scramble)

My friends were joking last week about what I could possibly cook up from the things that were lying around their pantry and fridge in a Chopped-style challenge.  One said she had pepperonis, Go-gurt and animal crackers.  The other imagined a terrible juice cleanse with the lemons, jalapeƱos, Tony Chachere's, and half a box of Triscuits she had laying around.  Lucky for you, dear reader, we are dealing with My Shitty Kitchen, which has a lot of fancy ingredients leftover in the fridge and pantry. Although, a Tony's dusted Triscuit topped with pepperoni and jalapeno and a Go-gurt lemon curd with an animal cracker crumble topping (if we combined efforts) may sound pretty okay, I whipped up something sounding and probably tasting a little better with my things on hand.

I woke up early on Saturday and couldn't get back to bed because I was so excited about outdoor yoga in the beautiful weather.  I decided to treat myself to something other than a green smoothie for breakfast.  I am terrible at making omelets, so I just made a scramble.  If I had tortilla chips around, I would have made it into migas.  No full recipe as it is a usual clean out the fridge recipe. This is a good example of how you can scramble anything with eggs and top it with cheese and it will taste good.

I used and egg, some cheddar that was in a mini Tupperware left over from something, a piece and a half of prosciutto which was leftover from my Sweet Swine of Mine meeting a few weeks ago, some green onions I had over chopped the night before when I cooked with my sister, some roasted red pepper from the meeting, butter and salt and vinegar potatoes leftover from sister cooking.

I chopped all but butter and egg and combined together.  Then I realized the cheddar was supposed to be a topping...Too late!

 I melted the butter and added the mixture to a nonstick skillet.  This is where the cheese mistake reared its ugly head!

Whisk your egg with a fork, season with salt and pepper and add to pan and scramble.

Realize you have more cheese and smile.  Top with that and the heat will melt it.  Bon appetit!

This really reminded me of one of my favorite childhood memories.  My dad and his brother were training for a race and got up early on a Saturday morning for a run.  I woke up when they got back and my sister, mom and I were hungry (this is so long ago I only had one sister at the time!).  My uncle opened up the fridge and whipped us up a gourmet breakfast from all the leftovers it contained. I don't remember exactly what it was he served us, but I was inspired for life!  Thanks, Uncle Scoot!

Do you ever have a clean out the fridge night?  What do you make?  Tacos, pizzas, and scrambles are my specialty, but I am looking for more ideas!

Happy Cooking!


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