Prepping for the week (October 12-18)

Hey y'all!  Hope you had fabulous weekends!  I sure did, got to spend some qt with the nieces, cooked dinner for some fabulous people and went to the Hollygrove Market and scored this haul!

And I got to watch my boys in purple and gold kick some butt and be great ambassadors to the South Carolina fans. Now if only the fall weather would return!  This week I am making some yummy dishes from the Hollygrove haul.  They will appear in the future as I have a backlog of posts waiting for y'all!

With the salad greens, honey and satsumas I am making an Asian salad

With the Okra I am making an old Southern favorite

I am sauteeing the greens

I am making Eggplant Parm tonight with the eggplant and basil

Made a yummy dish with the zucchini Saturday night that you will see this week

Using the cucumbers (that's the weird looking yellow things) for a fancy cocktail and the jalapenos for some salsa for my trip to Florida to celebrate my faux sister Lisa on her bachelorette party later this week!  I am making fajitas for the group as if that shocks you!

Full post back tomorrow.  Here is a gratuitous cute shot of some cute kids, for some reason that makes my posts perform better...I have no idea why!

Harper, Kate and Case enjoying some Ice Age while I prepped a yummy dinner!

Happy Cooking!


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