Chopped Dinner Challenge! (clean out the fridge pasta)

I went to see Leon Bridges last Monday evening at Tipitina's.  I was told the plan was to go to dinner before, but as usual, I made plans and the universe had other ideas.  I had to make dinner on the fly and I turned to my trusty pantry and fridge and found some great ingredients.  I always have spinach on hand for my green smoothies. I had marinara sauce leftover from making eggplant parmesan, some artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers I always keep on hand just in case just in case I need to make a last minute antipasti platter.  The noodles were leftover from Beef Stroganoff and the ham was leftover from a second installment of craving ham and apple.  And I always have onions laying around, if you store them in a dark cool place they will stay good for awhile.  Looks like it would make a nice mediterranean flaired pasta! No full recipe, just a montage!

I told you what was here up there.  I didn't use the dressing and that's mozzarella in the tupperware. 
Chop your onions a little thick
Caramelize them in a speedy manner on higher heat than usual.
Chop everything into bite sized pieces 
Add them to your onions.  But not the cheese.  I learned my lesson!
Add your spinach and wilt. 
Bathe the noodles in sauce.  Oh egg noodles I love thee!
The finished product.  Pretty fancy for a last minute meal!

It was a delicious meal!  And the concert was even better!  I felt like I was watching the soul of Sam Cooke perform.  He gave a shout out to his momma and his love songs made all the ladies swoon.  A super cute couple in front of me slow danced the whole time.  If you haven't heard of him, check him out!

Hope you recreate this dish or make one of your own soon.  And please come back and comment here or on the facebook page if you do, I love hearing your feedback!

Happy Cooking!


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