Prepping for the week (October 26-31) Plus a 30 day writing challenge entry!

Hello everyone.  I had a fantastic weekend and I sure hope you did too.  I had my 10 year law school reunion!  It was so awesome to see everyone.  It was a great weekend of football and visiting and eating and cooking.  I am making something so delicious for dinner tomorrow it takes two days to make and started today. So i'm having gumbo out the freezer for dinner.  I hope it is still okay...  This is a busy week of work and social events and then Voodoo Fest next weekend! Ready to cross a bucket list band off in Modest Mouse and to see the only country act I'd be okay with paying money to see, Zac Brown Band.  There are a ton of others I can't wait to see like Phantogram, Girl Talk and Florence and the Machine.  The lineup gets better everytime I look at it!

Here is a cute kid picture so as to make people click through :)  I love these little angels and I am so glad I got some impromptu time with them this weekend!

My pal and favorite cool mom Anne Marie put up a 30 day writing challenge on Facebook.  I decided to join.  You can find the topics here.  My first one on problems with social media was a bit ranty and personal so I won't share that one as to not cause trouble and controversy.  It's my blog, I can do what I want to! with it.  Here is my entry for day two. 

My earliest memory

I was at La Petite preschool in Old Metairie.  I was 3 years old.  My mom was in college at the time so she relied on other people to pick me up from school.  At the end of the day, everyone was picked up by someone and the after care kids walked in line to the mean old witch’s house (as we called her).  My Roro (my dad’s mom) was supposed to pick me up.  I was the last kid left sitting on a stool just peering out the window, feeling a bit abandoned.  The teacher said, "Okay Melissa, no one is here to pick you up and it is time to close the school I’ll walk you to aftercare." I cried "No!  My Roro is picking me up, I know her number 835-6627  Call her, she wouldn't let me go to the mean old witch’s house!"  They called her and she was there in seconds to pick me up and apologized the whole way home.  I vaguely remember finger painting outside that day during school as well.  That was more fun.

Happy Sunday!


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