Five for Friday-August in full swing

Hey friends! Happy Friday!  This felt like a quick week to me.  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.  Here we go!


Some friends and I participated in Blindfolded Bowling last night to benefit the Southern Eye Bank. My friend works there and helps put on the event but that is not the only reason why I did it! It is for a great cause;  it felt good to Do Good like a good Delta Gamma should, especially in the service for sight, which is our signature charity!  Our team was named Tears of Destruction.  We kicked butt and took names!


I am hosting "Non book club book club" Saturday.  This is for my more serious of the two book clubs to which I belong.  We usually do a book one month and then an activity of some sort the following month.  We are having a speaker on travel points, as in the easiest ways to get them, how to redeem them to get the most bang for your buck and whatever else he teaches us.  I am making a yummy brunch spread, all borrowed from Half Baked Harvest.  Get ready for Bacon twists, blueberry brie biscuits and a vegetarian low carb breakfast casserole soon!


I tried the new Pure Barre class, Empower, yesterday.  It was awesome.  I think I am going to do a full post on that.  I am trying to get back on the healthy train, well just get all my limbs back inside it. I am not in full on off the wagon mode, but something (maybe it is my steady Tuesday date nights) has caused me to gain 8 pounds semi-recently.  In strange news, apparently Amanda and several other bloggers are up 8 pounds too!  I am hoping this new class sprinkled in with pure barre, cutting back on my daily wine habit and not allowing myself so many cheat days can right the ship.  I am not ready to surrender to an old lady metabolism!


Speaking of skipping cheat days, I have been craving a good old fashioned casserole and Plain Chicken posted this one the other day I just need! Amanda's article was read the same day and it got me thinking to somehow healtify it.  I know...Shirataki Noodles!  I've used them in Chicken Tetrazzini, why wouldn't they work with this?  I will find out next week when I make it, they were on sale at Whole Foods!  I also will be using my own cream of celery I made that is in my freezer and a homemade sub for Velveeta!  Wish me (and you in the future when I get around to posting about it!) luck!  Have you used shirataki noodles before?

I have not taken nearly as many trips as I have wanted to this year.  I guess I took too many last year! This article was fascinating as it used Facebook to track down where the most unusually popular places to travel are for each state.  I have only been to France out of Louisiana's top five, and that was 15 years ago! I need to start planning some trips!  How do you fit in with yours?

Well there it is!  Happy Friday, the weekend is nigh! I hope you have a wonderful time with people you love!  See you back next week with a recap and some food!

Happy Cooking!


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