Five for Friday-What a Mess!

Hey y'all!  Happy Friday!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites, here we go!

Look how fun this is!  Music maps to see what music is popular where!  I put in my zip code to get my playlist.  My first song was Beyonce's Formation of course since it was filmed here!  What was yours?


This has been a crazy week.  My car took on some water when we had the terrible rains last week. Then we found out some of the pumps were not working.  Then they realized if it rained on Thursday and Friday we would not be able to pump the water. People have been fired, and I am really sad to see how this is going down. 


I randomly went to the mall for the first time this week while I was waiting to have my car checked out. I guess that mall link last week really made me pine for the mall!  It was so crowded!  I stumbled across a blood drive!  I immediately sat down to do it, it felt so good to do good!  And I got a pretty snazzy t shirt!


I did not get around to making that casserole this week, but I did discover a new wine I love, white wine!  Specifically this one.  I could even taste jalapeno in it!  I never really am a white girl as I love red, but I may be changing my tune!

So good!


I don't have a five, give me one in the comments!

Have a great weekend!  See you back next week!

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