Five for Friday-Closing time

Hi friends!  Happy Friday! Hope this week was a nice and short one for you and your weekend feel nice and long.  Let's get into some favorites shall we?

The day is here! I am closing on my house today! It feels like this has taken forever, but that is a good thing, it has been a much needed distraction.  I can't wait to get in there and paint and make it mine.  I will not be moving for a few weeks, and I cannot wait to share the before and after with y'all!

I have been feeling my age lately after my workouts.  I don't do crossfit or anything, but 3 different kinds of pure barre classes 5-6 times a week is starting to hurt.  My cousin suggested Branch Chain Amino Acids to help with joint and muscle aches.  I got some from GNC and so far so good.  It tastes great and it seemed a little better the next morning.  I'll keep you posted!

I read The Idea of You last weekend and man was it good!  It contains a lot of sex scenes, I will warn you, but not too graphic (or at least in my book).  It really had good character development and felt so real.  I highly recommend it for beach reading.  Thanks to Influenced the Podcast for the rec! If you haven't listened yet, check them out!

It is the second to last week of my Covey Rise Produce Club and I am so sad!  I hope to get some recipe posts drafted in the coming weeks, but I am going to be so busy painting, we shall see.  Did you catch the yummy green beans and tomatoes I posted this week?

I have garden assessment at the new house and two 40th birthday celebrations on tap this weekend, they never stop!  What are you up to this weekend? Whatever is going on, I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Cooking!


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