Recapping the Weekend-Tired Homeowner!

Hi friends!  Happy New Week!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend full of fun and love!  I bought a house!  I am going to give you some before photos of the inside tomorrow but today I will share what me and my awesome daddy accomplished on the outside!  Linking up with Biana for Weekending and Lindsay et al for Hello Monday.

I still can't believe I could do this all by myself!
I loved how special the title company made this! Francesca and Coleena were the best!
I went over after and assessed the task ahead.  Job #1 since I need to buy paint and hire a contractor for the inside was the backyard.  The tenant on my side literally had not touched the yard since he moved in.  It was tragic.  I was unsure where to start and my sweet dad said he would come over Saturday with power tools and his crossfit doing strength.  Seriously y'all, check out this backyard!

Just ugh!  Not the oasis I am used to at my rental!
This was the first before pic I remembered to take while we were working.
And et voila!  Progress!  Still has a way to go but so much more manageable!
We definitely deserved Five Guys after all that work! 
When we returned to bag everything up, my sweet friends brought me a hibiscus plant!
The garbage can was full so we had to leave some on the porch.
And there is even more!  Two trees, 10 contractor bags and sore muscles!
I cannot thank my daddy enough, he is such a rockstar!  I could not have gotten it manageable without him.  I am so ready to make it pretty now!

This week, a cleaning lady specializing in staging is coming to clean all the man and hairy dog out of the house and then the painting and floor repair begins!  I can't wait to move in!  I will be moving in gradually since I have my rental through July and it is pretty much across the street!  

I will have a before house tour for you this week, it is very drab and needs the Missy touch!  How was your weekend?  What was your highlight?

Happy Cooking!


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