Pizza, because of football (Ricotta, cured meat and greens pizza)

I went to see my beloved LSU Tigers play last Saturday in Baton Rouge.  I didn't eat much all day, just a few tailgate bites and drank a good bit of bourbon (who am I?) before the game so by the time I got back to New Orleans I was starving!   I wanted to watch the Ole Miss/Bama game and cheer hard for Ole Miss.  I digress, but I was a fake but avid Ole Miss fan (when they didn't play LSU) for 5 years due to a boyfriend and I will only cheer for Bama if they are playing the self proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS). Suffice it to say I felt I had a valid rooting interest.  

I looked in my fridge and found leftover mustard greens and some ricotta and cured meat from my Sweet Swine of Mine meeting the week before.  I happened to have some leftover pizza dough laying around so I thought, why not make all that into a pizza!? I deserved it, I walked a bajillion steps, sweated my patootie off, lost one of my lucky earrings, and successfully avoided the ex while still getting to see our mutual friends. Oh and the Tigers won! So yeah I made a weird pizza, it was delicious! Make sure you preheat your stone, oven should be at 425.  You can find my pizza dough recipe here.

Clockwise starting with Meat, greens, ricotta parm/romano/Asiago, pizza sauce,
 garlic, and pizza dough.  All on pizza stone which would next be preheated.
I cheated and rolled it out with a rolling pin.  It worked!
I dressed with meat, then greens,  ricotta and then cheese mix
I used this handy tool from the pampered chef to thinly slice the garlic.
You know I love garlic! 
The finished product, I am so proud of myself!
Garnished with a little red pepper flakes.  So yummy!
There is no full recipe here as it was an example that you can basically put anything on pizza dough and top it with any type of cheese and it will taste amazing!  I am so proud of myself for actually rolling out the dough and transferring it to the hot baking stone and having a pretty finished product! And try ricotta on your pizza, it's not usually my favorite but I love it now!

Happy Cooking!


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