Five for Friday January 29th!

It is my first instalment of Five for Friday! It is my favorite things I have found lately.   Linking up with some other beautiful bloggers for this, see the link at the bottom.  Visit them and show them some love!. I am so happy today is here, it has been a doozy at work and today stops it.  And it's Carnival time here in New Orleans! The food will return next week, it'll be a chicken festival!


Have y'all seen these tulips from Costco?  They are $10.  Supposedly they last a long time. It is worht the $10 just to get the vase! My sister and I each got them two weekends ago and they hadn't bloomed.  Now they are starting to and are looking lovely! They were in the patio furniture section of my Costco, only been to that one so not sure how that translates.

New Friends who are not from New Orleans.
Jen and Annie.  Yes, blondes do have more fun!
I have been spending more and more time with my two new friends I have picked up since the summer, Jen who moved here from Maryland and Annie, who moved here from Brooklyn.  I love seeing New Orleans through their eyes, especially this time of year.  They also are showing me things that as a native, I have never done. And I am showing them, as a native, how it is done! It is so great to have them in addition to my other fabulous friends!!

Fates and Furies

This was my book club book this month.  It was so good!  I did not like it at first and commented to my sister (who was reading it as well) that it felt like I was back in 11th grade reading old British literature I hated.  But then I got to the second half when it changes perspective and I realized I missed so many things.  And I appreciated the first half so much more!  We had a lively discussion Tuesday night at book club.  Have you read it? It was the President's favorite book! What was your take?

My boots

I bought these beauties (sorry sold out! Similar here but way more than I paid for them) in June for the Nordy's Anniversary Sale before I had to go a budget.  I  am so happy I get to wear them now that it is cold! Isn't boot weather the best!?  


My hair is so flat in this weather when the humidity is low and so I have been using this mousse to make my hair look fabulous again. It gives me just the right amount of volume and I get so many compliments when I use it. It smells great too!

What are your finds or favorites for the week?  Any big weekend plans?  Mardi Gras is in full swing so that is what I am doing!  Hope you enjoyed this first installment of Five for Friday!

Happy Weekend!

Bright on a Budget

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