The way to start off fresh for lunch (Winter Detox Salad)

It is a new year's tradition for me to start the work year off with a detox salad.  My family always has the traditional cabbage and black eyed peas (and corned beef because we are Irish) on New Year's Day, and then the next day back at work, I have this.  It is just to combat all the drinking and eating that is done over the holidays.  It is a lot of assembly.  I usually eat at my desk, so that is why you are getting a desk shot in the montage.  Also it is good to see my computer in that shot, it is now caput.

I pinned this recipe back when I lived in Austin.  I remember I was sad because I was missing a lot of stuff in New Orleans.  LSU was playing in the national championship in New Orleans and the Saints were hosting playoff games.   In hindsight, I am glad I missed that National Championship game in person. Woof.  My Austin friends and I watched it in one of our fellow LSU fan's man cave.  We determined that the man cave was cursed and refused to watch another game there.  We never did.

This salad is a nutritional power house, raw and vegan.  That sounds terrible but it is really delicious. I am not a fan of fennel so I subbed celery for that.  It gives you the same texture without the taste of licorice.  That taste makes me thing of Jagermeister and the LSU fight song.  You late 90s early 2000's LSU students know what I mean.  This was day two of not having my camera so it is an Iphone post.  Also I forgot an ingredient shot so we will just get right to the action after the jump.

Pomegranates are interesting little fruits.  This is how my friend Chelsea taught me to deseed them.
Celery stepping in as a pinch hitter.  Thanks Kitchn Commenters!
Little florets of love, how I adore you broccoli.
These are some locally grown satsumas.
Just the right amount of walnuts from the bulk bins.
Olive oil for the dressing, which will be completed with satsuma juice and salt and pepper.
Hello Avocado.
Pretty Pretty Pomegranates round out the things to be packed.
All the fixins at my desktop assembly line.
And finally, a big bowl of nutritious deliciousness.

Winter Detox Superfoods Salad (Adapted from Yummy Mummy Kitchen) Serves 3-4

1 small bunch broccoli chopped into smaller florets
2 tangerines, peeled and segments separated, plus 1 for dressing
1 pomegranate, seeded
2 stalks of celery chopped into 1/2 inch pieces
1 avocado, sliced
1/4 cup walnut pieces
extra virgin olive oil

Toss first 6 ingredients together in a medium bowl. Drizzle olive oil and juice of one tangerine over salad. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

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