Recapping the Weekend and looking ahead (Jan 11-17)

Oh how I love my weekends!  Carnival season is nigh and this was my second and last chilled out weekend before, oh I guess June.  I started it Friday, even though I was working.  I had to make a site visit due to some litigation at one of my clients in the French Quarter.  Not a bad gig!  I felt like a tourist the whole time and snapped one of my best photos ever!

A beautiful day in Jackson Square!
Friday evening I went to dinner at Compere Lapin.  I was so looking forward to it and was disappointed.  The drinks were good as were the Brussels Sprouts, but the main dishes and arancini were not.  The chicken on the bone was good but not great and the smoked chicken roulades were super dry. The fish was underseasoned and just tasted like lemon. I will go back as there were more things I wanted to try and the drinks are always fabulous.

Half chicken with turnips and leeks.
Local Grouper with Beurre Blanc, Potato Pearls and Caviar
Saturday my outdoor yoga was cancelled due to rain.  Instead, I had a fun errand day with my older of two sisters and her daughters. I also caught up with my other sister while making some brisket in the oven.  It was a night of Mardi Gras balls too.  I didn't get to go with my parents to the one I used to as I don't have a riding member boyfriend anymore, but I did get to go to my old casa to do my friend Jen's hair for her ball!  Yes I am a lawyer that cooks, blogs and can do an updo in a pinch! Hairdo inspiration here

I hope she had fun!
Today I got to see Gone with the Wind on the big screen.  So magical.  My friend and I went after Pure Barre.  We snuck in healthy snacks and mimosas.  They were needed for that long run of 4 hours!

How does this place stay open with these cheap prices?!
The wonderful old man that owns the place came out to thank us and to remind us we were making history, more people have seen Gone with the Wind than Star Wars. 
This week is a random menagerie of goodies on the blog that will culminate in gumbo!  I'm making a couple of oldies but goodies you can look forward to, as well as Pho!  Look forward to a My Shitty Kitchen on the road post for that.  I can't believe pho at restaurants is cheap, I've spent and arm and a leg on it so far!

How was your weekend?  Getting used to the weather or 2016 yet? Who is ready for Mardi Gras?

Happy Cooking!


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