Recapping the weekend and looking ahead (January 18-23)

What a fun long weekend!  I am so happy I get tomorrow off for extra recovery.  It started off Friday noticing these bad boys were in at Pure Barre!  Cardio is being reintroduced, I cannot wait to try Pure Barre Platform!

It's gonna hurt, I'm sure! 

Friday night I went to a fancy Mardi Gras ball.  It was so fun!  I got all gussied up and brought out my grandmother's faux fur!

Those are actual "kid gloves"
Saturday during the day we had our Hogs for the Cause plot draft. It's a fun day of drinking beer and talking shit to the other teams while we pick our spots for the event. As our team is the only all girls team we get our fair share of ribbing. We hold our own though and always place high in the area where it counts, fundraising. Although I am personally taking it upon myself to ensure we place a bit higher in ribs. We have a Cadillac smoker and have no excuse!

Thanks for hosting us NOLA brewing!
We got a pretty good spot next to our"Boyfriends" the Death Chefs

We next popped into the Quarter to try and take part in the Arcade Fire and Preservation Jazz Hall band second line tribute to David Bowie. 

My friend stopped for a lucky dog.

It was so packed as you can imagine!

So packed

We ducked into the Court of Two Sisters and I had a cold toddy. I just love bourbon these days and I don't know where that came from!
Bourbony, fruity and delicious
A great menagerie of people!
After, we headed back uptown and paid our friends at Del Fuego a visit. They are hooking Sweet Swine of Mine up with 20% of their profits on a Saturday parade day. More money to pad our fundraising account! 

How can you go wrong with Queso Fundido and a spicy margarita?!
It was weird not to cook all weekend but I sure enjoyed not doing dishes! Making a Brussels sprouts pizza tonight! I feel like I pizza my poor readers to death, but I may do a post on it, just in case. 

I also have a request. I have beets. The white kind. I hate beets! Anyone have a sure fire way to use them without feeling like you are eating grass? Am I the only person that feels this way? I know I am a little strange, I don't like shrimp or Adele either!

Hope you all had fabulous weekends readers! 

Happy Cooking!

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