It was supposed to be a jerk but maybe that was my fault (Slow cooker pepper jelly chicken)

I have no idea how old this post is but it has been sitting in my drafts forever!  This is the original basement apartment I lived in two houses ago! Looks so funny against the new background.  I may sound negative about the recipe but trust me, if you do it right, it will be delicious!

I love spicy food.  I also love trying out crock pot recipes.  Unfortunately this was a failure in both areas but I think with a proper crock pot it would be totally delicious.  Mine does not shut off automatically.  Being a single girl with no children and a dog with a bladder of a champion, I expect more out of my crock pot when I want to have an impromptu happy hour.  I want it to not overcook my chicken!

I pinned a recipe for crockpot jerk chicken and was very excited to make it.  Unfortunately, the jerk parts didn't make it home from the grocery.  I used up all of my cayenne pepper making practice rubs for ribs, and the spicy pepper I selected must have rolled out of my basket or could still be in my car, who knows! It was quite annoying to discover this at 7 am while I was trying to get ready for work. As usual, when life hands me lemons, I improvise.

My friend Mary Katherine sweetly made me some pepper jelly and I had it in my pantry.  I thought pepper jelly glazed crockpot chicken would be just the ticket!  Unfortunately, I will not be able to say so with certain as I left it in the crockpot 12 hours instead of the 7ish I was hoping for.  I could tell that it wanted to be good though.  But in my world there is no good thing about overcooked dry chicken.

Well I have poo pooed this recipe enough, hee hee, why don't I stop while I'm ahead and show you how I made it.  Try it yourself and turn it off after 6 hours or so, I guarantee it will be delicious. Full recipe after the montage.

I always wonder what makes this chicken so smart...
Chop the onion kind of big.  Not so the garlic.  Apparently my lens had a little something on it.
I seasoned the chicken with season salt.
Place it skin side down and add some thyme.
I threw the onions and garlic on top.
And about a 1/2 cup of pepper jelly.
And then added the juice of the lemon about a 1/2 cup of chicken broth...or was it white wine?  Either will do.
Many hours and a few glasses of wine later, I knew the burnt ends meant doom.
Your low carb catch all of choice, sauteed cabbage.
I wish it was two shades lighter!
Looks prettier from far away with pretty flowers!
Slow Cooker Pepper Jelly Chicken:

Two leg quarters
seasoned salt to taste
tsp of thyme
one onion chopped
three cloves garlic minced
juice of one lemon
1/2 cup pepper jelly
1/2 cup chicken broth or white wine
Sauteed cabbage or white rice for serving

Season leg quarters with season salt on both sides.  Place skin side down in already turned on low slow cooker.  Sprinkle thyme, onions and garlic on top of chicken.  Add pepper jelly, lemon juice and broth or wine.  Cook on low for 6-7 hours.  Do not overcook! Serve over cabbage or rice.

Happy Cooking!


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