Not your usual boring old cereal! (Breakfast Cereal Peanut Butter Protein Bites)

I used to be a religious green smoothie in the morning girl.  Then I had a mishap one week and bought the wrong protein powder, spilled one all over my bathroom wall and then stained the interior of my car with one.  We needed a break, my green smoothies and I! I have been trying out various breakfast alternatives and was looking for inspiration.  I was browsing one of my blogs I follow regularly, Borrowed Heaven, and she had a fun breakfast idea that I knew I could customize for my pantry!

I decided to add a little healthiness to the party by adding chia seeds.  I halfway regretted it while I was making them, but it turned out great!  Even my 6 year old nephew and 1 year old niece ate them without asking what it was!  All you can taste here is the sweet peanut butter.  The Kashi Go Lean cereal was a great base, and they stayed crunchy for a whole week!  Try these, you and your family will love them!  Try other cereals and mix ins; make it your own!  Full recipe to follow the montage. Linking up with Meal Plan Monday over at Southern Plate and others!

Breakfast Cereal Protein Bites
These are surprisingly filling for how small they are!

Breakfast Cereal Protein Bites
It was a very dreary day.
Breakfast Cereal Protein Bites
Peanut butter and honey is a match made in heaven!
Breakfast Cereal Protein Bites
Mix up all your goodies in a bowl and combine well.
Breakfast Cereal Protein Bites
Scoop them out into muffin liner and let cool.  Voila!
Breakfast Cereal Protein Bites (Adapted from Borrowed Heaven)

1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup honey
2 cups of your favorite breakfast cereal (I used Kashi Go Lean Crunch to keep it healthy)
1/3 cup each of three mix-ins
I used: dried coconut, chia seeds, a few dates, and ground chocolate covered espresso beans               (from another breakfast experiment.) (Chocolate chips, dried banana and nuts would be good too)

In the microwave, heat peanut butter in a large bowl for 1 minute, stirring every 20 seconds. Once peanut butter is melted, add in honey and stir to combine.  Pour in cereal, then mix-ins. Line up some cupcake liners and pour cereal mix up to the top in each cup and allow one hour to set in the fridge. Store them in an air tight container in the fridge.  Perfect for a grab and go breakfast or healthy snack!

Happy Cooking!


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