Pure Barre Problems (Make ahead smoothie project)

I try to go to Pure Barre every morning before work to start my day off well.  Back when I wasn't in my shitty kitchen, I was living blissfully in my cute house with my boyfriend around the corner from the studio.  I could walk there, walk back, coffee was already made for me and I could make my green smoothie.  Ah the good ole days.  Now, I have to prepare ahead and make coffee and breakfast in the car.  The coffee isn't a problem thanks to cold brewed coffee concentrate, but for now I don't think Audi makes an in-car blender!

I did some research and many people on the internet said you can make it beforehand and just store it in a mason jar for easy reblending.  Let's give it a whirl!

My substandard smoothie friends.  Will never buy cashew milk again, no bueno!

I had some blueberries and nectarines from Hollygrove market I froze so I was using those this week.  My new and not better Rouses was out of anything but full sugar vanilla almond milk (which is the gateway non dairy milk drug of choice but way too sweet for me now), so I decided to try the new cashew milk. It's horrible! Tastes like metal!  DO NOT BUY IT! I blended it all in my Ninja single serve and poured it in a mason jar. Here's my results

I decided to freeze it overnight so it would be really cold. It would have to sit in my hot car for almost 2 hours so surely it will defrost right?!


My work roomie asked me if I was conducting a science experiment!
By the time lunch hit, it was still partially frozen. I drank some of it and it was not as good as fresh. I blamed the freezing and cashew milk so here's to round two!

I went to my old Rouses and got much better Almond/Coconut Milk and to Costco for the frozen antioxidant blend.  I decided to make the smoothie ahead of time again and leave out the protein powder and superfood until the morning. It looks more purple because of the Antioxidant blend. I put it in the freezer for a half hour while I watched and episode of House Hunters. (which was a whole half hour since I don't have a DVR)

 I'm going to feel kind of feel silly driving around with a Baggie of white stuff uptown...

The following morning I had a great workout at Pure Barre then hopped in the car to have my smoothie and head to work.  I took it out of my cooler bag and thought it did not look promising.  I had never seen it separate like this:

I added half the baggie of protein powder and shook vigorously.  I am sure the Barreistas had a laugh watching me do this.   Here it is after the first shake.

I added the rest of the powder, of course spilled some in the process, and then shook even more vigorously.  I really hoped no one saw me this time!  It turned out like this:

Doesn't look much different but you could tell it was definitely thicker.  And I am surprised how much the color changed from purple to green!  The result: DELICIOUS!  Well as delicious as a vegan green smoothie can be, I know it is an acquired taste.  My Pure Barre problems are solved!

My morning Smoothie:

Hefty Handful of spinach (I get the organic clamshell from Costco, lasts two weeks1)
Handful of frozen antioxidant blend fruit from Costco
Scoop of vegan vanilla protein powder
Half scoop of Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Original, 30 Servings, 8.5 Ounces
teaspoon of Turmeric
Almond/coconut blend milk (about 1/3 cup)

If having right away, add all ingredients to blender and blend.  If you want to make it ahead and have it the next morning, just blend the spinach, fruit and milk the night before and place in a mason jar in fridge.  Add the powders to a ziplock or small tupperware.  The next morning, add the powders and shake it like a Polaroid picture until combined.

Having a green smoothie every morning fills me up and gets me a serving each of fruits and veggies, try it sometime, acquire a taste for something really good for you!

Happy Cooking!


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