Drinking and blogging do not mix (inside out chicken chile rellenos)

I had an impromptu happy hour after work yesterday at my coworker's house and a little too much rose' led to me cooking but not blogging about it.  I have learned through the years that it is best to put the phone/Facebook/twitter/etc when you have been drinking.  Especially soon after a break up!

I love Mexican food.  Like really love it.  I could eat it every day.  I am heading to Austin in a few weeks and I am already dreaming of some yummy food and some Mexican martinis!  I made this Mexican inspired dish a few months back and it was really good, decided to try it again and blog it!  The recipe can be found here on my pinterest chicken board  original can be found at a funnily named blog, the lady behind the curtain,  I am posting this in Meal Plan Monday with Southern Plate and Southern Bite as well!  Link on over!

*Disclaimer, I had about a bottle of rose' when I took these pics!  I made enough for two servings so I could have leftovers for lunch.  So recipe is only for 2 servings.

I remembered to take the ingredients pic after I started working with them!

I served with sauteed zucchini, squash and onions which is my go to summer side


Roast the hatch chile on your gas stove or take a lighter to it to roast fast  You can also put them under the broiler for a few minutes. 
When roasted on all sides, place in a ziplock bag to steam.
After 10 minutes, take it out of the bag and then scrape the skin off.

Take your pounded out chicken and place a piece of cheese and a little cilantro on on the cheese.  Roll them up and secure with a toothpick.  Season with salt and pepper (which I forgot to do )

Or tie it up with string because you let the ex have all the toothpics!
Mix the cornmeal and the taco seasoning or chili powder.  Dip the chicken bundles in the mix and coat on all sides. Place on a baking rack (I used a cooling rack) on top of a foiled baking sheet for easy cleaning!

Spray the chicken with cooking spray.  Cook for 15 minutes.  Remove from oven and spoon over taco sauce, shredded cheese, green onions and any leftover cilantro.  Cook an additional 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.

There you have it, very delish, the cilantro really makes it!

Inside out Chicken Chile Rellenos (borrowed from the Lady Behind the Curtain
6 medium skinless, boneless chicken breasts or thighs
1/3 cup cornmeal 
2 tablespoons taco seasoning mix 
4 ounces canned whole green chilies or 6 fresh chiles roasted and skinned (see instructions above) 
2 ounces Monterey jack cheese, cut into 6 strips 
2 tablespoons cilantro, chopped 
1/4 teaspoon crush red pepper 
8 ounce red bottled taco sauce 
2 ounces jack cheese, shredded 

Pound chicken to 1/8 inch thickness. Combine cornmeal and taco seasoning mix. Roast chiles as above or cut canned chilies in half lengthwise making six pieces. For each roll, place half of a chili pepper onto a chicken breast. Then add a strip of cheese and sprinkle on some cilanto and crushed red peppers. Roll up and dip into cornmeal. Place chicken seam down in a shallow baking dish.  Bake uncovered 375 degrees for 15 minutes spoon over taco sauce  and sprinkle chicken with cheese. Garnish with cilatro and green onions.

Linking this up with Meal Plan Monday from Southern Plate and Southern Bite

Happy Cooking!


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