A Taste of France, right there in Metairie! (Vega Tapas Special menu recap)

Last night three two of my wonderful friends and I went to Vega Tapas for their taste of the Mediterranean menu.  It took us awhile to pick a date that worked for all so we got France by default. They had Egypt and Tunisia among other countries that I wanted to try but why not give France a try! It did not disappoint! I was hoping there would be no seafood as I hate it, and as luck would have it, there was none!

So the deal was for $35 you got a 4 course meal and a cocktail, plus all bottles of wine were half off! What a bargain!

Sorry for the blurry menu shot I was trying to not be that instagrammer/blogger that I a at heart!

The first course was vichyssoise. I love it! The comfort of potato soup with a fancy name! It was the perfect not too hot temperature and had a rich flavor. Delish even without some fancy garnishes.


Second course was a salad lyonnaise. I lived in Lyon, France for 3 months in law school and it made me look back on that time fondly. Definitely an "Americanized" version of it, but delish nonetheless. The lardons had a nice smoky flavor and the egg was cooked perfectly. Would have liked to see frisée instead of arugula, but maybe I'm just too much of a foodie!

Next course was Bouef Bourguignon. I wish it would have been a tiny bit bigger portion at first but was glad in the end! Tasted very rich and was a beautiful color. The veggies in it were cooked perfectly and the boeuf melted in your mouth!

Next we had a cocktail while we waited for dessert called La Connexion Francais. Like a super sweet French 75 with cognac. It was alright as I love champagne but am not a cognac fan!

Before we get to dessert, one of my companions opted for some items on the regular menu in lieu of the French menu.  We all split everything. First was Louisiana oysters baked in house made chorizo and manchego cheese. I said above I don't like seafood. That's not a blanket statement, I like cooked oysters. This was so rich and delicious!

Then some traditional favorite patatas bravas with garlic aioli and romesco sauce. The orderer and myself are both #teamnomayo some was surprised she ordered it. I guess garlic aioli doesn't count as mayo!

Her final plate was pollo en papel: chicken, wild mushrooms, leeks and feta cheese in crispy phyllo dough. Holy moly it was amazing! Such rich flavor!

Finally we had dessert, one of my faves,creme brulet. I was so full by the time it came out I could barely have any. Such a travesty!

It was a delicious evening; a nice break from having to do dishes by hand after dinner and some wonderful company! Hopefully all four of us can make it next time!

Happy cooking eating!


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