Recapping the Weekend- Yummy Birthday Fun!

Hello Friends!  How was your weekend?  I had a lot of fun with friends and also celebrating Gentleman Caller's birthday.  He enjoyed his yummy dinner and gifts and I enjoyed spoiling him!  Linking up with Biana for weekending.  Here we go!

Friday after work, the work besties (and some who have left work) and I went to Happy Hour at my favorite, the Rusty Nail.  We also met up with some guys we used to work with.  And as usual, trouble ensued...

They were really yummy at least!
Saturday was full of errands and then an evening of fun with Gentleman Caller.  I gave him the main part of his present, a bike, in addition to the beautiful picture I captured of him and his sons at the beach.  Then we went for cocktails at Cure, and dinner at Clancy's.  It was amazing as usual. Simple good food and excellent service.
We had to get the fried oysters with brie!
He got the pork chop with yummy accoutrements.  I had to steal some greens!
I got the smoked duck.  Holy Cow it was good!  I put the leftovers in a salad the next day too!
We had a great time!
I had a homey sunday of doing things around the house since I am hosting a happy hour this week and book club soon.  I also went to the 504 Craft Beer Reserve for the first time as Gentleman Caller always raves about it.  Got a few yummy beers to enjoy.  

This was so yummy!

We met up with my oldest friend and her husband for a Tales of the Cocktail event.  I created this post early before that so you only got to see it on instagram.  Follow me there missyquiggs.

So there you have it.  Yummy and fun!  What did you get into?  Let me know in the comments! See you back her tomorrow with some more yummy food!  

Happy Monday!

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