Recapping the week- 4th of July beach fun and recovery!

Hello!  It has been a while! Feels weird to be recapping the weekend on a Friday.  What could be better than a 4 day weekend? Taking a few days away from blogging after to get caught up on life after! I went to the beach for the holiday weekend with Gentleman Caller and his kids to meet my extended family for our annual beach trip.  We crammed a lot of fun into a long weekend and then had some fun with my friends for some NOLA style actual fireworks for the 4th.  It's Friday so I am linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites as usual.  Let's get to the pic heavy recap!

The water was not a pretty color.  The kids and uncles enjoyed building sandcastles anyway! 
Miss Ruby got some time on the beach too.  It seems like we have a new infant there every year!
Some of the men caught some pretty fish!  
Saturday night headbandz!  The kids had a blast!
Sunday night we went next door to the Gulf for a family dinner.  These kids!
I taught my mom how to use manual mode on the fly for this rare non selfie with Gentleman Caller!
I came back into town and decided to smoke a beer can chicken.  Recipe to come, it was glorious!

Look at that crisp skin!
For the Actual 4th, we went to my friend Kristen, the Jambalaya Girl's house across the river for a hot dog party and fireworks overlooking the City.

What a spread!  The make your own dogs were such a hit!
That is St. Louis Cathedral in the lower left area.  This does not do it justice!
Last night I did a yoga class put on by Lululemon's "This is yoga" campaign at Crescent Park to get myself right.  If you don't do yoga, you should try it, so good for the soul!  This class was donation based to support Project Peaceful Warriors.  I plan on supporting them more often, it's a really cool non profit!

What a lovely view for some namaste!
It was a lot of catching up with the house, blogging and exercise when I got home, so no time to post! And my car has to go back in the shop today, ugh!  But, nothing like a short week, here we are with another weekend already and more fun to come!  Hope you had a happy 4th, a great short week and have a fabulous weekend!  What are you up to?

Happy Cooking!


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