Recapping the Weekend-Full Festivities!

Hey y'all!  Happy Monday.  Tomorrow is Mardi Gras day!  I had so much fun Friday and Saturday I needed a day off yesterday and today from fun.  Hope you had a great weekend!  Let's see if I can piece together a recap... Linking up with the beautiful Biana for weekending and Lindsay, Johannah and Heather for Hello...Monday

Friday was my annual Mardi Gras Luncheon with the ladies of Misrule.  We had a blast as usual.

Pre lunch Champagne and campari cocktail.

Wigging out with my lovely Laura.
We went to Bourbon Street after and watched all the sights and then had a yummy Italian dinner and my oldest friend Becca and her husband at Mona Lisa.  I neglected to take photos, but some of you got to see my Insta stories, it was quite a day.

Saturday I cleaned my house to and then got ready for the Endymion Extravaganza.  It is basically an adult drunk prom with a Mardi Gras parade and concert.  This year, the music was Rod Stewart and Jason Derulo.

Gentleman Caller and I clean up pretty nicely.
The theme was Jazz, our gift to the world.
We were campaigning hard for a popular throw...
Who doesn't want an emoji on a stick!?!
Rod was great, I forgot how many of his songs I loved.
My dad rode in the parade.  It was also his birthday! Love my family!
Rod was kicking autographed soccer balls into the crowd and my man got one!
We got home very late and had a very well deserved sleep in.  And some very well deserved brunch at Paladar 511.  I love the space and the Marigny neighborhood!

Huevos Rancheros for the win!
Tomorrow we will be costuming and having a blast. sorry in advance for all the insta stories.  If you have not been here during Mardi Gras, you really need to come!

How was your weekend?  See you back on Wednesday for hearts and more yummy food!

Happy Cooking!


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