Five for Friday...Goodbye February?!

Hey y'all!  Happy Friday!  I'll blame an early Mardi Gras for how fast this February passed despite this being a leap year.  I had one sissy have a birthday yesterday and my other has hers next week! Loving all the family time and cake! I am linking up with the Five for Friday ladies and Amanda for some fun!  Click on their links and share the love!

Bright on a Budget 

I put a pic of my site visit Wednesday on my Instagram.  I am the in-house counsel for some historic preservation entities.  I love my job, and love it even more when I have random site visits. We went and looked at an old hotel that has not been inhabited in 80 years.  Someone is rehabbing it and I cannot wait to see how it turns out!


We had a "snow day" Tuesday due to the horrific cold front coming through.  Luckily all the people I know and care about suffered no damage but several communities are bad off because of tornadoes.  Please keep them in your thoughts, and the people over east that had it Wednesday.  I used my day off to watch "The People v. OJ Simpson." I also ended up baking a loaf of bread that I brought to work the next day.  My wifi went out, which meant my cable went out, and that's why the baking ensued!


My friend Monica finished her thesis for grad school!  We had some yummy Mexican food at Del Fuego to celebrate!  She worked so hard and I am so proud of her!


I cannot wait for my "extra" paycheck next week!  I am purchasing:

                                                        a smoker for Hogs for the Cause Practice

                                                                  some fabulous and cheap eye cream

Some BB cream that I have been loving in a sample size! It seriously works just as good as my foundation for coverage.  

And getting some other things on my wish list!


Do you have a song that pretty much defines college?  I have a lot of contenders.  However this buzzfeed article sealed it!  This song is the best.  I was in college from '97-2001, if you went then, do you remember this song?  What was yours if not?

This is a hectic weekend, especially Sunday, loving it!  Are you watching the Oscars?

Happy Cooking!  


Fine Print: this post contains affiliate link(s) and I may receive compensation if you should purchase.  The thoughts on the products are my own and I have not been compensated for my opinion. Thanks! -Day Job Missy

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