4 things I keep in my fridge/freezer for Friday plus some fab jeans

Happy Friday!  This was a super short week for me as it started on Wednesday but I am glad it is the weekend already!  Doing a Five for Friday link up with some lovely ladies again! HIGH FIVE! IT'S FRIDAY!!!

Bright on a Budget 
I am bringing you four of my biggest kitchen stock staples and a bonus fashion item!  Hope today is/was short and the weekend is awesome!  I know mine will be!

I have made jokes before about the bacon grease I keep in my fridge and how it is amazing that I am still unmarried.  But seriously it comes in handy a lot.  Great for brussels sprouts, adding flavor, using in lieu of oil to cook meat, you name it!  I just pour out the bacon grease when I make bacon into a glass jar.  You can even see the layers from the different pours!

How many times have you come across a recipe that just calls for a tablespoon of tomato paste?  It is such a waste to open a whole can for that little bit and then throw it away.  I came up with a solution a while back.  Spoon out the rest in tablespoon size and freeze individually!  I just use a regular old plate, spray it with non-stick cooking spray and then spoon them out.  Freeze them for a few hours or overnight and then pop them off and keep in a freezer safe bag for up to 6 months!

I showed you my method for making bread crumbs from homemade bread. You can also use any store bought bread ends you have. I just funnel them into a mason jar and keep in the freezer.    That way I always have them on hand!  I have memories of growing up getting "pantry bugs" in our bread crumbs and other items so this solves that problem! Clearly I need to make more!

I have showed you my method for homemade chicken stock.  It is a freezer staple.  I freeze it in 2 cup quantities as that seems to be a good amount or multiplier for what most recipes call for.  I use it all the time and get upset when I am out, which I am currently.

OMG these vigoss jeans.  I get so many compliments on them and they were so cheap!  I ordered a 27 and they fit like a dream. I am usually in between a 28 or 27 and Norstrom suggested I get a 28. The reviews said to size down so I said what the heck.  Glad I did!  I roll them twice on the bottom and wear them with booties, flats and even put a pair of boots over them. I tried to take a selfie to show how they look on a normal person but failed, this is a food blog, not a fashion one!  Try them out, they will not disappoint!

Happy Weekend y'all!  And happy Valentine's Day for those of you that love that holiday.  My cold little black heart has never liked it even when in a relationship but I can appreciate those that do! It is weird to have no Mardi Gras activities to do this weekend, but still there will be fun!

Happy Cooking!


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