Weekend recap and looking ahead! (February already?)

Happy Monday!  It's Carnival Time in full swing! Wait let me get you in the mood first if you aren't yet...

Ok that's better. I was a little tipsy after my fun Sunday so I thought it better to recap on a Monday and push the posts back for the week.  Good decision I think!

If I still lived in the "grid" where the parades trap you in, I probably would have paraded Friday night.  Instead, I stayed home and did some much needed resting and cleaning.  I also successfully removed my own gel manicure!

I did it just like they do it at the salon! Going to be doing my own nails more often than not now!
I also made a yummy dinner and didn't blog about it.  I had to take a picture to make me feel normal!

A backyard BBQ, without the backyard or the BBQ pit!
Saturday was a trip to Covington to my friends Kelly and Paul's beautiful historic home for the Olympia Parade. They threw a smashing party and had a brass band playing on the porch!  It was so fun to see people I hadn't seen in ages, especially lots of law school era friends  We went to the Southern Hotel first for a cocktail and stumbled across the band from St. Paul's jamming out and presenting the royalty of the parade!

The Marching wolves!
The New Orleans Most Wanted, so good!
Sunday was Sweet Swine of Mine day at Del Fuego for the Sunday parades!  We got 20% of the proceeds from wristbands and bar tabs for the day for our charity, so it was a win win! So many great people came and it was a such a great day of parading.  Thanks so much to Shannon and Dave for opening up their restaurant to us for such a fun day!
It was such a beautiful day!
Just some of the yummy food!
The 610 Stompers showing off their extraordinary moves!
Um isn't it 2016 Krewe of Carrollton?!
An ingenious chair for one of the majorettes! Yes, those are her batons.
I got to see my High School Dance team, the Jesuit Jayettes with one of my best friends who was also on it with me! They played the signature song and we were so sad they changed all the choreography!

Former Jayettes from the class of '97 with the current much blingier Jayettes!
This week I will somehow balance work, Pure Barre every day, serious Mardi Gras fun and blogging. We shall see how this works!  The blog will have some chicken recipes all week, all semi healthy balancing out the gluttony I am having in real life!  

How was your weekends? Got into anything good?  The food returns tomorrow!  

Happy Cooking!


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