Five For Friday-Can we stop this hurricane season please?

Hey pals!  It is Friday but I was still a day behind all week so this feels like a treat.  Linking up with the lovely Amanda for Friday Favorites, here we go!

My Box Of Style came this week!  I am loving it so far as usual.  The lip color is just divine and I did the mask set and got compliments on my skin the next day!  It is the perfect quarterly treat!  I have been doing it for two years and have loved it!  Get yours here and get $10 off!


And I thought I had some bad Tinder dates when I was single!  This poor woman!  Although none of mine were because of something like that, it was all the odd men I met!  My friends all say I should do a coffee table book of my bad dates over the years.  You don't end up 38 and never married without some good stories! Maybe I should create a new blog series?


After I had all that fancy butter coffee in Austin, I broke down and got some MCT oil for my return to green smoothies next week.  Have you tried this?


I started a cooking class this week!  We made four versions of red sauce ranging from unhealthy to too healthy. I made the next to least healthiest one with less meat and more veggies; it was my favorite of course!  I just can't get behind subbing lentils for meat, which is what the others did.  I didn't eat any pasta and got a few side eyes.  Can't help it!  I love zoodles!

My masterpiece!


I am so done with Hurricane season.  Florida you are in my thoughts as is my beloved Puerto Rico in Irma's aftermath.  Stay safe all my pals in the Sunshine State!  I will be sending you as much help and love as I mustered for my old home state of Texas after Harvey.

Have a great weekend!  I will be back with some food and maybe a recap if anything fun happens and I have time.

Happy Cooking!


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