No rest on Sunday (Roasted Tomato Cashew Salsa with dried chiles)

When I have a rainy Sunday at my house, I tend to be very productive.  I can't enjoy the sunshine and my proximity to  Bayou St. John (where all my Instagram geotags are), a bike ride, or even a trip to TJ Maxx because my umbrella is inevitably in the car!  But I can enjoy my kitchen!  One rainy Sunday I was a severe banshee in the kitchen.  I made fruity breakfast bread, cream of celery soup (coming tomorrow), the salsa you see today, smoky kale (coming Thursday) and chicken enchiladas out of everything but the bread (Coming next week!).  Oh and cashew "cheddar" cheese sauce for buffalo chickpea taquitos.

This salsa was a result of cleaning out my pantry.  I made authentic Tex Mex enchiladas a long time ago and had leftover chilies.  They were about to expire after two years and I just could not bear to throw them away.  I also had leftover cashews from the cashew cheese and needed a use for them.  It sounded like a recipe for a mole sauce or fancy salsa to me!  And I looked to the internet for inspiration and found some at Bon Appetit.  

Y'all, there is so much depth of flavor in this sauce, you would think it took all day.  It makes a great enchilada sauce and would be excellent on any sort of taco or just meat.  I would love to make a taco pasta with it too.  So many possibilities!  Check it out and amaze yourself! Have you used dried chiles before?  Full recipe to follow the montage.

Roasted Tomato Cashew Salsa
Making up some yumminess!
Roasted Tomato Cashew Salsa
The cast, so fresh and dry!
Roasted Tomato Cashew Salsa
Roast those chiles and nuts.  I may have used this foil before!
Roasted Tomato Cashew Salsa
Then roast your fresh ones.  I love a blistered tomato!
Roasted Tomato Cashew Salsa
Throw it all in the blender or food processor and get sauced.
Roasted Tomato Cashew Salsa
See how well it looks in the enchilada pan?!
Roasted Tomato Cashew Salsa with dried chilies (Heavily adapted from Bon Appetit)

cup cashews
8 medium dried chiles of your choosing (I used pasilla)
1 fresh jalapeno
4 large tomatoes, cored
2 garlic cloves
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
2 teaspoons kosher salt

Preheat oven to 350°. Arrange cashews on one side of a rimmed baking sheet and chiles on the other. Toast until chiles are fragrant, about 5 minutes. Remove chiles from baking sheet, then continue roasting nuts, tossing once, until golden brown, 8–10 minutes. Let cool. Remove and discard stems from chiles.  Increase oven temperature to 450°. Roast tomatoes on a clean rimmed baking sheet until skin is browned and beginning to separate from flesh, 30–35 minutes. Transfer to a blender and add garlic, lime juice, and salt; blend until smooth. Add chiles and blend until coarsely chopped. Add cashews and pulse until coarsely chopped, about 5 pulses.  Use as an enchilada sauce, salsa or marinade.

Happy Cooking!



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