Five for Friday-Getting into the spirit

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!  It was a long regular sized weekend here in this city since we had a one day week last week! Mardi Gras festivities are starting to ramp up this weekend but the rain may mess with that. Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites, here we go!


I am excited to be going to my first New Orleans Pelicans Game tonight!  Especially since we are sitting in a suite! I went many moons ago when their name was the Hornets and Chris Paul was our point guard (Still love that guy).  The Pelicans are playing him so I will have to remember which team I am cheering for!  Do you have an NBA team?  Have you been to a game?


I know a lot of people who have been having trouble sleeping lately, including me. I read an article about magnesium and sleep recently and resolved myself to get more leafy greens to help with sleeplessness and occasional heart palpitations (ah, aging!).  I recently got an essential oil diffuser and the lavender is a godsend, I have been sleeping so well with it.  Here are a few other tips.  What is your go-to sleep helper?

This fluffy sleepaholic is not on my list of people who can't sleep!

In case you missed it I set forth some superbowl recipes this week.  I have a few more oldies but goodies for you...Buffalo Cauliflower wings!  Doritos taco Salad!  Sausage Cheese Tartlets! What are you making?  I will be out at a parade so I want to eat vicariously through everyone!


I have been really not looking forward to my birthday this year all of a sudden and threw myself a pity party the other day. I am turning 39 which sounds (to me) way worse than turning 40; I feel like I did not do anything towards my imaginary before 40 bucket list while 38; and was having some sads about how 39 and never married, homeowned or procreated sounds. And then I heard these magical words and snapped out of it:

Ah it happens to everyone, right?

Who cares, I am living MY best life! Yes my birthday isn't until May, but I can't help it, I like to plan ahead!


Finally, speaking of blooper reels, Gentleman Caller and I were on our usual Tuesday night date night this week and we were at my neighborhood bar discussing politics. He was showing me something on his phone and I leaned in longingly and caught my dang hair on fire on the candle on the table! Like literally, my hair flamed up! It is not that bad, but I am going to have some explaining to at the hairdresser next week! Has that ever happened to you?

Well sorry so long winded on a Friday, I had a lot to say! Hope you have a fantastic weekend full of all the things you love!

Happy Cooking!


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