Five for Friday-Snow week!

Well hey there friends!  It has been a wacky week here in New Orleans.  We get true winter weather maybe about every 10 years.  This year, we have had it twice and there may be more on the way.  It sure is weird when you get more snow days than hurricane days in South Louisiana!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.


My backyard.  It stuck for two whole days! I realize this is not a real snowfall to many people.
SNOW!  NO WORK!  NO WATER! IT WAS COLDER IN NEW ORLEANS THAN THE NORTH POLE! How do you people up North do this?  I guess we are just not prepared.  Everything shut down this week, like all the roads, businesses, schools etc.  Sadly, an infant died.  We had no water, then low water, and now a boil water advisory. Electricity was scarce.  People fell down their stairs.  Pipes burst.  It is just crazy!  I will take cold weather over 95 with 95% humidity most days, but I am starting to change my mind! Although I must admit, I did not mind getting 4 days off work this week!  Just wish I would have planned a vacay!


I am glad I am not a Yellow Bellied Marmot!  Antisocial behavior leads to many problems in humans, but apparently not in them.  This is shared to remind us, especially in these post holiday times, to reach out to those we care about and be social.  Do good, it is the best way to be!


I had some extra time when I was out of work and scared to go outside to cook and blog!  I am almost caught up on drafting some great posts.  Look for some delightful superbowl snacks next week, and then some Asian flavors that knocked our socks off that will sure to knock yours off too!


Keeping it with food, how good does this look?  Whole 30 approved too!  I love those kinds of flavors and soup is needed in this weather!  Also, this is a really funny blog post and has me craving homemade cinnamon rolls.


I have been loving a new breakfast.  One slice toasted thin sliced Dave's Killer Bread, about 1/4 of an avocado and Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning.  Yum!!

So seedy, in a good way!
There you have it.  I hope that you have a great weekend and stay warm my friends!  See you back here next week with those superbowl recipes!

Happy Cooking!


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