Porky luau bites are ready to party (Pork and Pineapple skewers with chili sauce)

I love linking up with the Blended Blog for Tasty Tuesdays.  I always get some extra hits on my posts and I gain inspiration from some lovely ladies!  I was over there one day for a link up and Christy from the Blog R Squared  posted this four ingredient appetizer. Looked easy, delicious and simple.  I had to make it for a party.  

I had some trader Joe's sweet chili sauce on hand, but not quite enough so I mixed it with pepper jelly for a kick.  While it added that kick, it melted quite a bit and the sausage did not brown.  But if I would have used straight chili sauce I know they would have come out well.  How do I know?  I made two ahead of time for tasting and photo purposes like that and they were perfect!

This is so easy and perfect for entertaining, especially the Superbowl, you should make them!  Full recipe to follow the montage.

Porky Luau Bites
Perfect little bites!
Porky Luau Bites
Three ingredients, so simple!
Porky Luau Bites
Chop the sausage and pineapple into similarly sized bites.
Porky Luau Bites
Ready for a ride in the oven.
Porky Luau Bites
So easy to just pop in your mouth!  No utensils needed!
Porky Luau Bites (Borrowed from Christy at Blog R Squared via the Blended Blog)
1 pack pork smoked sausage
large can of pineapple chunks in juice or fresh pineapple
1 jar sweet chili sauce (on the Asian aisle)

Preheat oven to 375. Cut sausage and pineapple into similar sized pieces.  Stick one slice of each on a toothpick, sausage side down.  Place mini skewers in a baking dish and pour chili sauce over evenly. Bake for 15-20 minutes until sausage looks browned  to your liking.

Happy Cooking!


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