It's been awhile!

Hi friends!  Whew it has been forever.  I took a nice long break from work and blogging and fit in lots of food, friends, family and relaxation.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your people! I did not really document everything as I was trying to stay present and enjoy everything as it happened.  Here is a slight glimpse into my past two weeks, enjoy!

This was at the latter end, but tried Saffron with Gentleman Caller, my sister and brother in law.  So good!

Way back two weeks ago was my office Christmas party.  The highlight of the dirty santa party was a squatty potty!

Checked out the Gingerbread house at the Roosevelt with my best friend and her kids.
Love spending time with this lady when she is in from Alabama!
I had my annual Pink Poinsettia luncheon with member of my DG pledge class at Brennan's

I had an abbreviated brunch at Compere Lapin.  I had to leave early and everyone was late.
I had a date with some other friends at the Saenger for this special treat!
We checked out the lovely rooftop bar at the Nopsi Hotel before dinner at Public Service.  So good!
What a fun day with fun people!
I had Christmas Eve brunch with my three best friends from high school.  

And then it was family Christmas time!!!

A beautiful sunset over Lake Ponchartrain!

I went with Gentleman Caller to to meet his family and relax for a few days in the country.

We made them all gumbo, I hope they loved it as much as I loved meeting them!

When we got back, we had the aforementioned date night with my sister and brother in law.  We took them to a bar for the first time in 10 years!

We did some Sunday funday on New Years eve with some friends.

And then came home and made a delightful meal with the new sous vide my man got me!

We had the traditional New Year's Day fare at my sister's house.
I am off one more day today and then back to the grind tomorrow.  I am looking forward to a short week. There is a baby shower and a Saints game this weekend, the fun never stops!  How was your holiday?  Did you take a break?  Wishing all of you a wonderful prosperous New year!

Happy Cooking~


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