Friday Faves-Cruising through August!

Hey y'all! Happy Friday!  This has been a long week as usual and happy to have a break!

My neighborhood has experienced a surge in street flooding the past few years, and my car has flooded twice and almost a third time.  My neighborhood didn't flood for Katrina and is on a ridge. Well now I know why this may be happening...Cars in the underground canal by my house?  WTF, how does that happen?

I got a Ring doorbell on Amazon Prime Day and finally installed it.  Man that thing is annoying! I want to know if my packages are being stolen, but the thing notifies my iWatch about every three minutes that there was a movement.  Any tips to calibrate this thing or make it calm down?  I live on a  busy street.

This is a good end to a story with a tragic beginning!

I don't have much going on this weekend, which is good because I leave next week for my cousin's wedding in Ohio!  I cannot wait to see all my mom's side of the family and celebrate a lovely couple.

I am trying to get the house done so I can show you some after pics.  The cabinet paint and new floors in the bedroom really made a difference.  I just have a few more touches and then my list of to dos is done!

What do you have on tap for the weekend?  Happy Friday!

Happy Cooking!


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