Recapping the weekend, lots of family time

Hey friends!  Happy new week.  It is a short one for me as I am heading to Ohio Friday for my cousin's wedding!  It was a weekend full of family before the upcoming weekend full of family so I should be sick of them come Labor Day, lol! Linking up with Lindsay et al for Hello Monday.

On Friday evening, my friends Elisabeth and Jen and I tried out the new and trendy Thalia for dinner.  It was so delicious and creative!

A cantaloupe cocktail!
French Onion dip in a roasted onion!

Clockwise from top left: Pork Chop with cabbage, bolognese, the chicken sausage and okra special and the squash special side.

On Saturday, I did my 7th workout in a row.  I am paying for it in soreness (as shown in the pic below).  After that, I hit up Trader Joe's and then my parents came over to help with a project before lunch and furniture shopping for them.  I may have been lacking with the house pics, but the kitchen is done now, so here is a sneak preview!

My sweet daddy hung the shelves!
Brisket, Brussels Sprouts and an Arnold Palmer!  
How cute is the piece my parents bought for their entryway?!
Saturday night, I watched my nieces while my sister and brother in law had a date night.  I took advantage of their cable and watched CNN's decades programming.  The 90's tv episode was amazing and featured the Sopranos among other shows.  I was so sad I never watched it, so I added it to my list.

On Sunday, we celebrated my niece Alice's 4th birthday at my parents' house.  The pool is the best!

My grandparents are 95 and 88 and still going strong! Notice the pain patch on my arm? 

I got home and got to binging the Sopranos!

It was a nice weekend and I am so happy my kitchen is done.  How was your weekend?  I hope it was fabulous and relaxing!

Happy Cooking!


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