Recapping the weekend-fun times

Hello!  Happy Monday!  It is almost the end of August, can you believe it!?  Linking up with Lindsay et al for Hello Monday.

I was planning on doing some things around the house this weekend and got a few things done, but planned and impromptu fun got in the way!

My pal Anita talked me into happy hour Friday and we had a lovely time enjoying he ridiculously hot weather.

Then I got home and was ready to do laundry when my friend Jen called to see if I wanted to head to the Domino for an immigration fundraiser.  I could not say no.  We had a few cocktails and watched the rad karaoke!

She sang Like a Virgin!
On Saturday, I went to Pure Barre in the morning, and then went to brunch for my cousin Ashley's birthday.  It was such a fun day!

Froze all day!
What a fun group!  We had a blast!
I had so much fun that my plans for Home Depot after were thwarted by a needed nap.  I woke up and headed out there to return the beast of a piece of furniture I could not put together and get some much needed supplies.  After some grief from the saleslady about the state of my return she finally took it.  Then I went to get my necessities and realized I forgot my wallet at home, boo!

I made dinner and settled in for a book and was craving a bath.  I realized I did not have a drain plug, and not to mention my toilet was running incessantly; back to Home Depot it was!
Just some Saturday night adulting, y'all!
On Sunday I went to two Pure Barre classes to punish myself for having so much froze. Then it was time for the annual book club clothing swap!  I got a few new fun things for work and my favorite jeans that I need yet another break up to fit in went to a deserving new home.  It was a blast!

It is like our own little boutique!
I finished my book and then got ready for the week.  How do weekends go by so fast?  How was yours?  What was your highlight?  Mine was definitely the bath and the book!

Happy Cooking!


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