Recapping the weekend, recovery and restoring!

Hello friends!  Hope you had a great weekend!  I sure did, lots of family time, date night, cleaning and purging and fundraising,  it was so good to get a break for Mardi Gras, although the social calendar is ramping up!  Linking up with the lovely Biana for weekending.  Let's get to it!

Friday I took a half day and hung out with two of my favorite munchkins.  They were off school all week and my new momma sister, tax season having momma, newly retired dad and hard working other sister had their fill of taking days.  It was my turn.  I took them to the Louisiana Children's Museum.  It was a good choice, they had a blast!

Captaining a ship was their favorite!

We went to Tutti Frutti after for froyo. Aunt life is the best, it was good to give them back after a long day!

Friday night the gentleman caller and I got a rare Friday night out as he was not on daddy duty.  We decided to go to the hip part of town and do dinner and pool.  We ended up at Suis Generis, which is owed by a former lawyer who went to my law school.  Since we are both lawyers, we loved the name.  And the food was excellent!

We had to get a meat and cheese plate, it is in our blood.

The bill was presented in quite an odd fashion!

Saturday was a full day.  Pure Barre, mani pedi and then a baby shower.  All of those things were in the same neighborhood across town so I took the time in between to hit up an old neighborhood gem, Cherry Espresso Bar and read our book club book and meal plan.

Saturday morning!

The baby shower was so lovely, champagne, good friends, good food and a photo booth, games and fun.  It was so nice to see each other and catch up.

Photo booth props!

Best favors ever!  So useful!
I came home after and cleaned my house from almost top to bottom and purged.  It was so therapeutic. I finished Sunday morning and then went to our fundraising yoga class for Sweet Swine O Mine at Urban South Brewery.  When we got there, the owner was throwing his 4 year old twins a birthday party.  Cool for those parents, but not for our namaste.  It was hella loud!

You brought a bounce house to a brewery?

It was still a great class!

And ended up relaxing after all!

The Jambalaya Girl and our favorite yoga instructor!  It was a fundraising success!
I am so happy to have a clean house, clean hair and some sleep.  It all gears up again next weekend with St. Patrick's Day!  How was your weekend?  Have you ever done yoga in a bar, or been to a 4 year old birthday party at a Brewery?  See you tomorrow with some more culinary adventures!

Happy Cooking!


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