Recapping Mardi Gras!

Howdy friends!  Here with a recap of my Mardi Gras shenanigans. Well only until Sunday, my blogger app is not working and won't let me update it with Monday and Tuesday pics.  But you will get a good enough if an idea of the fun from this mini update!  I was a bit more low key this year than last year (just re reading that recap made me tired!), but still fit in a ton of fun.  And a few Pure Barre Classes.  Let's get to it.

Friday the Ladies of Misrule had our Mardi Gras Luncheon in the French Quarter.  We had delicious food, wigged out and had a delightful ladified day.  

Having drinks after on the balcony at Galatoire's.  Maybe I should go redhead!

It was not to full swing yet.
I decided to be responsible and take a ride home with the gentleman caller when he got off work and not stay out.  I am still thanking myself for that because my days off ended up not being off. 

Saturday we walked to the Endymion route and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine.  My dad usually rides in the parade and my whole family goes to the Extravaganza after.  Due to him not riding, my sister having a baby and me prioritizing Jazz Fest in the budget; only my mom and dad went.  The parade was great, and I was half a block away from this tragic incident and did not even know it happened until people started checking on me.  So sad, I am so happy no one was killed.  

A lovely day on Orleans Ave. 
Sunday we went back to my old Historic Home for brunch before the Krewe of Thoth.  It was so good to be back in my old hood and on my beloved porch.  Jen was a great hostess as usual!
What a spread!

All of the bands line up in the neighborhood.  Many of them used our bathroom!
The gentleman caller and I on the porch where we first stated our courtship.
The book club girls and the Kipp band leaders.  The serenaded us for letting the students use the bathroom!
I usually trek down on my bike to see the battle of the bands and watch Bacchus, but biking alone to my new neighborhood at night is not a good idea.  Instead I headed home like a responsible adult and we had make your own pizza night and watched the Oscars.  What an ending!

His and hers.  Arugula for the win!
Monday was a parade and Peche and Tuesday was brunch and the Quarter.  I hope you get to come to Mardi Gras one day if you haven't, it is quite the spectacle!  Happy Wednesday to you and Monday to me!

Happy Cooking!


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