Recapping the weekend, wedding fun!

Happy Monday my lovelies!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend full of fun.  I definitely did. One of my favorite people got married and it was a weekend full of showing she and her groom love.  Linking up with Biana for weekending.  Here we go!

Friday was the welcome crawfish boil at the beautiful New Orleans Board of Trade.  It is such a lovely venue and the company and crawfish was even more lovely.  It was so great to see old friends, make new ones and shower the bride and groom with love.

It is a popular wedding venue as well.  Such a grand building and perfect weather!
Yes please!  Best time of year!
The Sweet Swine of Mine girls!  One week 'till Hogs for the Cause!
We went to Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar after for more shenanigans.  
Saturday was the beautiful wedding.  We all wore spring colors and fascinators.
The gentleman caller and I clean up nice, eh?

There was a mashed potato bar.  I am not a carb eater but I had to!
Guess where the groom went to college?
It's so hard to get everyone to look at the same camera!
Spring florals, green and "fantasizers" as the girl in green kept calling them!  It was windy!
As if the wedding wasn't fun enough, we needed more cowbell!

It was the most SEC west wedding ever. The bride's family was all Arkansas fans, she went to Auburn, the groom went to Mississippi State and there were a ton of LSU fans in attendance. While we rang the cowbells, the bride's family was yelling woooo pig sooie.  We all went out after to the Carousel Bar and had way too much fun.  

Sunday was full of cleaning, blogging, and getting ready for the short weekend before Hogs for the Cause.  I cannot wait!
What were you up to? Let me know.  See you tomorrow for more culinary fun!

Happy Cooking!


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