Five for Friday-Hogs for the Cause time!

Hi my dears!  Happy Friday!  I cannot believe it is April already!  I have a busy month ahead, with a trip to Ohio and two weekends of Jazz Fest on the books plus Easter.  It's going to be a doozie! Linking up with the beautiful Amanda for Friday Favorites.

I am off today prepping for Hogs for the Cause.  I am the lead chef on Sweet Swine of Mine, the only all female team competing out of 90+ teams.  I am making the ribs and butts on the smoker and our "Porkpourri" dish for the judges.  That is, a creative dish using pork.  With the ribs we are serving a yogurt based slaw, and with the butts we are making our signature dish for the masses, a Zapp's pie, basically a walking taco with Zapp's chips (who kindly donated the chips to us!)


The Gentleman Caller™ and I are going to see Radiohead Monday!  I am so excited.  Its going to be a long weekend of no sleep and smoking meat and that will be a nice treat at the end!  Here is one of my favorites, do you like them? What is your favorite?



Next Tuesday is a Pure Barre pop up at Nola Brewery!  I am loving doing exercise with beer these days! All my Pure Barre pals are going, it should be a fun time raising money for the LASPCA!


How good does this look?  I am making this for a meal or two next week and adding chicken. Getting ready for swimsuit season takes some work!


I love a secret menu.  I had my favorite off the menu salad yesterday and I am for sure going to try this next time I head to Starbucks!  I always do "Adult Cold medicine" when I am not feeling well, but that drink from Starbucks is more office friendly, hee hee!

I hope to have a recap post for you on Monday but that depends on how tired I am Sunday.  I will be Snapping some fun look for me on there: missyquiggs.  Speaking of, I tried insta stories an I just like Snap better.  I can't get behind insta stories.  What say you?  Do I need to?  Hope you have a fantastic weekend full of fun, family. friends and food like I will.

Happy Cooking!


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Tif Nichols Fannin said...

Good luck with Hogs for the Cause!! I hope y'all knock it out of the park!