Recapping the weekend, what a jerk!

Hi friends!  Happy new week!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend full of fun and friends!  I sure did! Linking up with Biana for weekending.  

Friday night was low key.  I prepped for Saturday (more to come on that below) made cabbage rolls and watched a few episodes of A Chef's Life, which I have been slowly binge watching the past few months.  I have been kind of sick this week so it was nice to relax and go to bed early.

Saturday the weather cancelled plans for a pool party for my Hogs for the Cause team, so we ventured out to check out Port Orleans Brewery.  I am loving all the breweries popping up now!

Wagyu Beef tacos and a Riverfront lager

The beautiful ladies of Sweet Swine O' Mine
The group ventured over to Nola Distillery, also so excited about all the distilleries popping up too!  I only stayed for the group picture.  I had to get home to grill...

I bought the red stripe for the BBQ sauce and I got to drink the leftovers!
I was heading to a "Jerk Off"!  Gentleman Caller's friends hosted a party where the guests were to bring their best jerk flavored anything.  I decided to go simple and make Jerk chicken thighs.  And guess what?  I am pretty sure I was the fan favorite!  I was so honored when people raved about them.  I will be posting the recipe soon, it was amazing!

I didn't get a picture before everyone dug in.
There was jerk chicken pizza, jerked red fish, jerk pork tenderloin and cooling sides to soothe our burnt tongues!

My sampling of the deliciousness.
Sunday was a fun morning of bagels and coffee with my sweet friend who now has a job out of town during  the week, Pure Barre, Hollygrove Market and cleaning the house. While cleaning, I did my sink disinfectant recipe.  It feels so good to have a sanitized sink I must share it with you!

The left is already done, the right is mid way.

How to really clean your stainless steel sink:

What you need:
drain stopper
hard sponge
A powdered cleaner (I use Bon Ami)
Paper towels

Place drain stopper in drain of one side of your sink. Fill it with hot water.  Add one cup of bleach to the water and let sit for one hour.  Drain.  Sprinkle some powdered cleaner in the drained sink and scrub with hard sponge.  Then use the toothbrush to clean out the drain and to scrap up gunk in hard to reach crevices.  Rinse the sink and then dry with paper towels.  Spray with windex and wipe to a shine! Repeat on other side.

Hope you had a great weekend!  What did you get into?  See you tomorrow with more food, glorious food!

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