Five for Friday-Tropical Storm of car ownership edition

Hello friends!  Happy Friday!  This was a weird week with Tropical Storm Cindy closing a lot of stuff without really doing much damage, thank goodness.  I did not get a hurricane day so it was still a long week for me!  Linking up with the lovely new homeowner, Amanda, for Friday Favorites. Let's get to it!


Well I completed my Sunday Riley Power Couple experiment.  I can tell you who is excited... Gentleman Caller. He was so turned off by the smell.  Y'all it smells really bad and it is really strong. I liked what they did to my face while they were on it, but I see no results that last once it is washed off.  No one commented on how good my skin looked, unlike last summer when everyone noticed that I was using the cheap Vitamin C serum from Amazon.  I will stick to that and my retinol I get from my dermatologist.  It is combined almost half the price, produces lasting results, and won't turn off my man!


We had a Delta Gamma happy hour last night with a T shirt swap and share.  I was supposed to go and coordinate it, but alas I got food poisoning at lunch with my boss at our favorite place to get salads.  I came home from work early and started the Handmaid's Tale on Hulu intermittently when I was feeling okay.  Have you seen it?  It is scary (in a non scary movie way) and so addictive!  I really want to finish the series soon and read the book.  I am not sure how it happened that I did not read it. Oh, and I am feeling better now, thank goodness!


Um, a shark lagoon and multiple kitchens?  Sign me up for wishing I had the money to buy Lil' Wayne's house!


A lot was wrong with my Audi and it is still at the dealership. The apparently had to order a bunch of parts, but it was all under warranty! More money in the budget for the two tires I know I need soon.  I got to drive the 2017 model of my car around all week, complete with XM.  I kind of want it again now that they have Yacht Rock again!  Do you have Sirius XM?  What's your favorite channel?


I hope to be heading to Alabama to visit my best friend this weekend! That is if they let me drive the loaner there or give me my car back.  We have been friends for 32 years! We plan on a lot of fun and I can't wait to get on the road this afternoon!  We had a lot of fun last time I visited!

Well that's what I have,  what do you have going on this weekend?  Hope it is full of fun!

Happy Cooking!


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